23 May 2007

Chapter 13 - Who Loves More?

When Jarlise started dating, Johnny tried hard to always keep an eye on her.

But she'd find ways to sneak Darwin upstairs when her parents were out.

However, Jarlise wasn't the only one who was sneaking upstairs with Darwin.

Jeanu and Darwin were secret lovers.

It was in her 6th month of pregnancy that Jarlise finally admitted to her parents and even to Darwin, that she was pregnant.

She gave birth to a daughter. And much like her mother, she'd be out a lot and didn't take care of her child. Johnny felt like history was repeating itself.

Darwin would often drop by to help with their daughter, although it was clear that Jarlise was seeing other guys. He was older than Jeanu, but the two continued their secret relationship.

When Jeanu was old enough to leave the house, Darwin asked him to move in with him.

Later, Jarlise agreed to let Darwin have full custody of their daughter.

22 May 2007

Chapter 12 - Jade's Family

Jade was having a blast with the puppies.

Zaitrarrio was turning out to be a wonderful dad to both Jygsaw and their new son Zay.

Jygsaw was doing extremely well in school.

Zay with House, the big friendly Lab.

Jygsaw growing up.