10 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge Chapter 5


Continuing where we left off, Joe Graham just passed away after being eaten by the Cow Plant. Ivory takes advantage of it by drinking the milk, which adds days to her life.


Ivory gives birth to yet another son! She names him Joseph to remind herself [and me] that his father is Joe. Albert comes to show that he got an A report card.


The twins, Nickson and Nelson are now teens. They look alike, except Nelson’s hair is darker.


Quinn is now a child. Sideway, he looks a lot like his father Quinten, but look at that nose!! He almost looks like an alien.

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Now that they are teenagers, they help a lot with their younger brothers.


But it’s way too much people in the household and making the game lag, so the twins are off to College.


Ivory has been getting close with Xavier Hurt, their maid. Finally she started having an affair with him.


They got caught by Cooper when they had Woohoo.


Her cheeks must be used to being slapped by now.


Suddenly I couldn’t find Xavier Hurt around anymore. Then I noticed the tombstone. Sure enough it was his. The Cow Plant ate him!


No use letting the milk go to waste. After this she got rid of the Cow Plant. Now she had to find a new lover!


Ivory still finds time to spend with her children. Quinn is really into art.


Ivory is pregnant again. Coooper must be wondering if the child is his or the maid’s, but it’s his.


Joseph grows into a toddler. He’s pretty cute.


I now have the green ghost of Xavier Hurt.


Ivory is now getting close to Toby Bruenig.


Cooper walked in while she was making out with Toby and he just glanced over and didn’t get upset!


Ivory gave birth to another son, she named in Colt. Close enough to Cooper’s name, lol. This is her 5th pregnancy, and she got 6 sons!


Albert is now a teenager and heading to College with his twin brothers.


Ivory tried again with the dirty dishes, this time making the room much smaller. It sure took a while, but finally a swarm of flies attacked him and Cooper died.


She doesn’t cry often, but this time she cried a few times after Cooper passed.



+588 – From previous Chapters.

+50 – Affair ended in death.

+30 – One Green Ghost appeared.

+30 – Another kid with a different dad.

+30 – Caught cheating on Woohoo with Xavier.

+10 – For Xavier’s grave.

+10 – For Cooper’s grave.

+2 – Slapped once.

Total: 750 Points


  1. Well, that's a disappointment...Xavier didn't give Ivory the chance to kill him off. He probably thought it would be kinder and easier, if he chose the method he wanted to die....too bad.

    By the way, do Cow Plants ever eat their owners? Such as if the sim forgets to feed it.

    I'm also a bit disappointed. I wish you had put up the kids stories, but if your computer can't handle it, there's nothing you can do about it.

    BTW, ancient highway has a hack that allows sims to go to college from home (check @ Insim).

  2. That was quite a surprise when Xavier died, but yes, he probably did have an easier death, heheh.

    If any Sims are hungry, they will try to take the cake that the Cow Plant leaves out, and it eats them. So I imagine even if it's the owner, the Plant can eat them if they reach for the cake. This is the first time I ever use a Cow Plant, and that unexpected death was funny, yet freaky.

    Yes, when too many people are on one lot at a time it makes my game lag a lot. I should upgrade my computer. Actually I am playing on my laptop.

    I have looked into that hack, it sounds very interesting. I read on how it works, and I didn't download it yet because I don't fully understand how to use it yet. Thanks for the tip, I had no idea such a hack existed.

  3. damn ivory is the biggest hoe ever lol