23 April 2009

Pleasantview – Lothario Part 1

Warning! This Part contains mild sexual content.

Don Lothario hadn’t seen Nina Caliente in a while, so when she dropped by for a visit he was excited to catch up with her. They both talked for a while about what was new and whatnot.


Then when she announced that she was leaving, he got closer to give her a hug and made her promise to come visit him more often.


That’s when she approached him and kissed him. She then apologized for making such a bold move.


But Don didn’t mind, he just pulled her in his arms closer and gave her a deeper more passionate kiss.


One thing led to another and he lead her in his bedroom. He had made out with Nina before, but this was the first time they went all the way.


Later that night after Nina left, he got a call from Kaylynn Langerak. She announced that she was coming over.


He was so happy to see her that he forgot that he was still in his underwear and ran outside to greet her.


He had always had a thing for kaylynn, and she him, and even after she had moved in with Daniel Pleasant she had continued seeing Don secretly.


They often shared passionate hours of lovemaking.


At times she would spend the nights, like tonight. She would always tell Daniel that she had to put in overtime at work. Daniel had never questioned her.


Then she’d spend most of the day with him. They would spend it in his bedroom and in the Jacuzzi tub.


One night Don threw a little gathering to invite Darren Dreamer and Nina’s sister, Dina Caliente.


He was hoping that Darren would fall for Dina. He knew that Darren had a thing for Cassandra, so he wanted him to stand out of his way. Cassandra was the best catch in the neighbourhood, with her father being the richest man around. He didn’t want to loose his chance of her falling for Darren.


Everything seemed to be going well. They all had drinks, danced, and talked. Darren seemed to be interested in everything Dina was saying.


When Don was about to leave them alone, Darren announced that he had to leave. Don tried to make him stay, but Darren left anyway.


Don was disappointed that things hadn’t went the way he had hoped. But he wasn’t going to give up.


He asked Dina how she felt about Darren, she admitted that he was hot, but only good for a fling. She went for men like Mortimer. Men who could secure her future financially. Darren had nothing.


He asked her if she would consider having a fling with Darren. He then explained to her that Darren had a thing for Cassandra and that he wanted him out of the way. Dina was a bit drunk, so it wasn’t hard to convince her.


Since she was too drunk to go home by herself, he lead her to his bedroom and made her lay down.


When he was about to leave her alone in the bed, she asked why he wasn’t staying with her.


He admitted to her that if he stayed it was bound to get hot, then he got closer to her and asked if she still wanted him to stay. She pulled him closer to her.


The next morning when he heard her getting up, he went to greet her and told her he had made them breakfast. He wanted to make sure that she still remembered her promise about Darren Dreamer.


Later that evening he was alone reading the newspaper while waiting for Cassandra. She had said she would be stopping by his place after work.


When she got there he went to greet her at the door. She was still in her work clothes and so was he.


That’s when Kaylynn called him on his cell phone. He gestured for Cassandra to go inside, telling her it was a call from work.


He stayed outside during the phone call while Cassandra went in, he didn’t want her to eavesdrop on his conversation.


When he went inside he couldn’t find Cassandra, he then found her in his room looking at the pictures of him and Kaylynn. He was surprised since Cassandra had never been in his room before, let alone going up alone.


He told her Kaylynn was an old friend and that was an old photograph.


He assured her that she had nothing to worry about that she was the only girl for him and that he would get rid of that picture. She seemed satisfied with his answer.


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  1. I want to strangle Kaylyn! Oh, I'm glad she's giving Daniel a taste of his own medicine, but what a horrible woman!

    Don is Don. He could sleep with everyone in the neighborhood, and I'd still love him. Still, I have to wonder, is he a pimp? He's starting to behave like one, and I can't believe Nina's falling for it!

  2. I'm not sure if Nina is really falling for it because she's a love sim as well.
    I too like Don no matter what. I didn't use to the first time I played him a few years ago, but now I do.