26 May 2009

Asylum Challenge Part 2 - Final

Jesmin finally got the Oceanography job career! It took over a week!


I find it funny how Cordell uses the bathroom and shower no matter who is in the room.


Jesmin sees her brother Syn walk by and invites him over.


Syn is really not very nice. He goes outside and ruins Harvey’s snowmen.


Jesmin constantly has to fix stuff in the building. Thankfully Harvey is a great help.


Brian plays in a puddle, pretending he’s a pirate and that the sea is rough.


Jesmin gets close to Gerard Landry. It does her some good to have some playtime for herself.


They go on a couple of dates, but of course they have their dates at the asylum.


She constantly works out because her job calls for body skills. But often someone will just turn off the TV, it really pisses her off.


She then invites her brother Colt over.


Just as she was chatting with Colt a fire broke out in the kitchen. They often forget their cup of ramen in the microwave.


Luckily she wasn’t at work again and she was able to extinguish the fire before anyone got hurt.


Barbara Young comes to visit the asylum. Ivory finally gets to meet her son’s girlfriend.


Jesmin often invites Cassandra over, she loves to spend a lot of time with Harvey. They seem to have the same chin.


Another fire breaks out on the stove and again Jesmin is home and extinguishes it.


She fears that one day she will be gone at work and will loose one of her patients to one of these careless kitchen fires.


Cordell uses a mop that he drew a face on and pretends it’s a girl. He really misses romance in his life. His mother, Ivory, mocks him. She hasn’t broken down this way yet.


Jesmin is so busy that she forgot to order more food and the patients are starving.


Harvey wants to have a family so bad. He pretends that the bag is a baby.


Jesmin’s career is going great. She puts most of her energy into her skills and making friends and she is having promotions quickly.


But the poor patients often break down in uncontrollable sobs.


Jesmin’s brother, Joseph comes to visit with Cassandra.


Another fire breaks out on the stove and this time Jesmin is at work! It was 2:30pm when the fire started and she gets home at 3pm


Finally she runs to extinguish it. The stove is all burned down, but the fire is still going. She has just reach the top of her career and is now Hand of Poseidon. She has reached her LTW!


Jesmin NO! She goes and steps right on the flames! I tried to make her move but she just stayed there in distress!


The others just screamed and didn’t help her out. She burned alive!!


Death came to get her. After all the fires she had extinguished, all the lives she’d saved, she wasn’t able to save herself.


I still can’t believe it ended this way. After finally reaching her LTW. It was her last day in the asylum, she had actually succeeded her goal. She hadn’t even lost one patient. Yet, it’s over, she’s gone just like that.


They couldn’t believe that Jesmin was really gone. She had helped them all to overcome their obstacles. She had cared so much that she had given her life for them.


The End.


  1. Well, that was anti-climatic, and ironic. I would be pissed as hell, if I died, when I just completed my life's goal.

    I don't know how I feel about this challenge...it's too short.

  2. Yes it was a mini challenge, but still took a while for her to reach her LTW, so I was pissed off lol.

    I started the "I'm surrounded by idiots" the other day and so far I am having fun with it.