11 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge Chapter 6


Continuing from the last Chapter, Cooper Olshfsk has passed away after being attacked by a swarm of flies. Ivory has now asked Toby Bruenig to move in with her. He’s a Top Secret Researcher making $1,036.


Not long after she found out she was pregnant with Toby’s child, she started having an affair with Sinjin Cameron. [I did clone Sinjin and changed his face a bit, especially his nose.]


Toby caught her cheating with Sinjin and slapped her angrily.


Joseph is now a child. He is very hyper and runs everywhere he wants to go.


Colt is now a toddler. He has his father’s blue eyes.


Toby was cooking when a fire broke out. Ivory put some tables to block his path.


All of a sudden he just ran across the tables! He wasn’t trapped close to the fire anymore! However, he still managed to catch on fire.


The maid also caught of fire, however death is coming for Toby.


The fire was getting out of control so Ivory called the fire department for help. She and her son’s little friend caught on fire, but thankfully the fireman was able to save them both. The maid was also saved.


That evening she gave birth to Toby’s son. She named him Tobias. Imagine that – another BOY!



+750 – From previous Chapters.

+50 – Affair ended in death.

+30 - Tobias has a different dad.

+5 – Caught cheating.

+10 – For new grave.

+2 – Got slapped.

-5 – For fire.

Total: 842 Points


  1. LOL...that was funny. She deserved to catch on fire, for killing a man who makes so much per day (wish I was that lucky).

    You might need to check your dl folder. It's not normal for a sim to have only boys. I have a similar problem, but it's not due to hacks, but other conflicting files...all my maids and divas are male.

  2. I had the hack for triplets and quads, but each time she's pregnant I never use it and I click on "original", I wonder if that is what is causing it. I just took it out of the folder and will see what happens when she gets more babies. She had one the last time I played and it was still another boy.

  3. You can try saving, just when she goes into labor, let her have the baby, don't save, and return to neighborhood screen. Then come back into the lot. That usually forces the game to give the sim a child of opposite gender.

    I have the triplets and quads hack - that's not the problem.

  4. If you have the same hack, then it must not be it. I did take out the file from the download folder and put it on my desktop and when she went into labor it still gave me the option to choose as if the hack was still there. I clicked Original, as I did all previous births, and this time it was a girl. Caused to celebrate heheh... but it still left me confused.

  5. I find that if there are a lot of female Sims (no matter the age) in the neighborhood, the resulting pregnancies will be boys. Vice versa with males and having girl babies. I think the game tries to even out the numbers so that there are an equal amount of men and women.

    Alternatively: I had a lady with 50 kids once, and her gender ratios were consistent with the above theory. But when she got pregnant and I switched out to other houses before she gave birth, the babies were all the same gender. It didn't matter who I had kids with in what house, all the babies would be the same gender as the unborn child.

    Hope that helps...

    1. Thanks, CC, that's an interesting experiment.