21 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Pleasants Part 2

Nothing has changed where the fighting and arguing is concerned at the Pleasants. Kaylynn started suggesting that Daniel ask his wife for a divorce and Mary Sue got angry at her. This was her house and she wasn’t going to let her have it.


It’s no wonder sometimes that Daniel doesn’t get along with Dustin. He constantly kicks the garbage can over.


Mary Sue stopped dying her hair and gained weight. She had lost Daniel forever to a younger woman so what was the use.


She finally made up her mind to move out. She had enough of Kaylynn taking over her house and she couldn’t stand the child they had. Daniel was relieved that she was finally willing to leave.


Mary Sue wanted Angela to move out with her, but Angela didn’t want to give her father and his mistress the satisfaction of her leaving as well.


Kaylyn faked a smile as she waved Mary Sue goodbye, she was so happy that she’d be out of their hair. On the other hand Daniel started to sob. Was he sad to see her go, or was he sad that Angela was staying?


Mary Sue moved in with her parents; Herb and Coral Oldie. They only lived next door, so this way she could keep an eye on what was going on.


She had no sooner moved in that she started arguing with her father.


Daniel kept calling the police to ask if they had heard anything about Lilith, but no one had heard anything yet. It had been a few years, he was starting to wonder if she was still alive.


Angela kept a diary on all that was happening in the house. She was doing it to keep Lilith up to date for when and if she returned.


Sabrina is a happy child. While Kaylynn started a job working for a law company, her father had retired and stayed with her everyday.


Finally one day, Daniel saw Lillith finally walking towards the house. Could it really be?


He was so happy and surprised to finally see her back home.


Although he welcomed her with open arms, he warned her never to do that again.


Lillith took a liking to Sabrina as soon as she saw her.


Lillith admitted to Kaylynn that she had decided to finally come back home as soon as she heard that her mother had moved out.


She also warned her sister to leave Kaylynn alone and to stop giving her a hard time. Lillith was happy that her mother was gone, and she finally wanted peace in the house.


When Dirk Dreamer found out Lillith was back home he wasted no time to come see her.


He had missed her so much and she realized she had missed him too.


She was glad that he got along with Kaylynn and that her father didn’t mind him as well.


Sabrina was growing up so fast. Already she was starting school which would give Daniel a chance to write the novel he always wanted to write.


Whenever Daniel spent too much time upstairs on the computer, he would start freezing. I finally realized why! The room is not even covered all the way, lol. The Pleasant’s house wasn’t ready for winter.


Lillith loved spending time with Sabrina, she was such a happy and bright child.


Angela is now an adult. Up front she is beautiful, but on the side, gosh they have long noses. Both their parents have small noses!


Lillith grew up as well. I need to download more hair and clothes to suit her. For now I left her with her usual hair. I may never change it, who knows. I find it suits her.


Things are more peaceful in the house, but occasionally Angela would start fights with Lillith and her father. She still couldn’t accept what her father had done, and it made her even more angry that Lillith was accepting it all and seemed happier as things were.


The fights would scare Sabrina and she’d run away to another room and cry.


Angela was still dating Dustin Broke, and one day he finally proposed to her.


When Daniel found out that she was engaged, he warned Angela that when they got married that they couldn’t both live there. He’d had enough of Angela’s fights, and he didn’t want to have to deal with Dustin on top of that.


The End for now…


  1. Daniel didn't need to say it. Of course, Angela would have to move out. I'm surprised, the two of them (Angela and Lillith) are still in the same house.

    Lillith's one of my favorite sims, and I love her make over.

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