30 May 2009

I’m Surrounded By Idiots Chapter 5

It wasn’t long before Serena started to get morning sickness. She knew she must be pregnant.


Karma grew into an adult with the aspiration of “Dense Dunce”. She immediately broke down.


I just had to post this picture to show how weird she looked. Quite scary.


She changed her hairstyle. A bang falling a bit over her eyes would probably distract the extremely large eyes.


She’s constantly talking to the soccer ball. She’s loosing her mind because her aspiration is so low.


Serena is about 4 months pregnant and starting to show. She painted a picture for the baby’s room.


Oliver is doing much to help around the house. He’s mostly reading the paper or sleeping. Serena doesn’t even think he has a job.


Serena is getting closer to her due date.


Oliver was cooking and managed to cause a fire. Serena doesn’t seem bothered by this.


Karma decides to get a job in the education career. [I am allowed one free command per Sim throughout their lifetime, for Karma I used it to get her a job.]


Baby girl Treena is born. She has her father’s grey eyes and black brows. Oliver is looking very pale after playing outside in the snow for too long.


Charles is so happy to be a grandfather. He adores Treena. He only wishes his wife could have seen her.


Oliver obviously has a job in the police department. [When I changed his clothes, I noticed that he’s a Romance aspiration. I am allowed to change clothes, but I have to close the things in order not to see the wants and needs, but I could see the aspiration thing.]


Serena hires Nanny Heidi since she was her nanny when she grew up. Heidi is very old now, but she is still capable of looking after kids.


[Ok, I had paused the game in order to go make dinner, but when I came back I realized the game hadn’t been paused!!! I was away from the computer for like 2 hours, if not more! 3 days went by! Serena had just found out that she was pregnant again, and when I came back to the computer, I found her sleeping on the floor, her needs were extremely low, close to dying even!! And she was on her third day of her pregnancy. When I looked at her memories, she had witnessed a fire, and had been scared by her mother’s ghost. It’s a miracle that she is alive and that nobody died.]


[Oh, and when I checked on Treena, I realized that she was now a toddler.]


After taking care of a few things to get back in order, Serena taught Treena to walk.


She went to give Oliver a backrub, but he refused. He was too much of in a bad mood.


Charles was looking through the telescope when he started having chest pain.


Charles died at 79 years of age. Serena knew he couldn’t live forever, but she was devastated to loose him.


Charles received a gold tombstone. I think it’s because he reached his LTW. It’s the first time I ever see one.


That same night that her father passed away, baby girl Jabelle was born.


Oliver was scared by Sarah’s ghost. She passed away of old age, one would think she wouldn't go around spooking people.


Oliver broke down. His aspiration is always so low. He probably didn’t want a baby, and then being scared by Sarah probably made it worse.


Karma helps with the kids. She’s a good aunt and loves those kids. But she really wants plastic surgery.


Finally she has it done. She got the plastic surgeon to give her a nose and lips. He told her he couldn't fix the size of her eyes because she would go blind.


Although she’s far from being beautiful, she feels beautiful now that she looks more “human”.


Oliver was so tired and confused that he went to bed even though Karma was sleeping there. He immediately got up, changed bed, got up again and would go to this bed again, and so on, for quite a few times.


Whenever he gets up he says he’s starving. Serena has put out some food for him, but he doesn’t go.


Karma managed to set the food on fire.


Finally, Oliver takes a shower and eats.


29 May 2009

I’m Surrounded By Idiots Chapter 04

As soon as Serena got the torch, she bought herself a pottery table. It really helped her mood to play on it. Charles was really impressed by how fast she was learning. Charles was 62 years old when he passed her the torch.


Charles has a talk with Serena now that she is an adult she has much more responsibilities. He tries to give her good advices.


Serena is now the one helping Karma with her homework every night or mornings.


Serena finds a job in the Art career.


Karma is still very popular and making friends so easily.


Sometimes she goes outside at night, looking through the telescope and wonders where she is from.


Serena calls the matchmaker to help her find her perfect match.


She just glanced at the man that the matchmaker suggested and told him goodbye.


She asks for another one. She pays another 5 thousand dollars.


She’s now feeling discouraged as she sees her second choice. She also tells him goodbye right away.


She invites Jess King over, but there is still no attractions between the two of them.


Maybe it’s his green shirt, but she just doesn’t like him.


She then tries to get to know Nathan, but again she has no attraction towards him at all.


Then she meets Oliver, she isn’t feeling any attractions yet, but she is now feeling very desperate. She isn’t getting any younger!


She introduces Oliver to her father. Charles isn’t sure what to make of him yet.


Her mother seems to like him right away.


Charles and Serena shared the same car to go to work that day. Whenever they come home from work they always do this gesture/dance thing.


Karma is hitting puberty and starts to be more conscious about her looks and boys.


She has a lot of friends but her favourite one is Whyatt Shin.


She wonders if one day a boy could actually like her for more than just friends. She is fully aware that she doesn’t look like the other girls. Some people are afraid and freaked out about her looks, but some are intrigued and curious.


Serena spends a lot of time talking on the phone with Oliver. She asked him out on a date two times so far and he refused both times.


Finally on the third try he agrees to go on a date with her and she has her first kiss.


It took a long time for them, but they finally have a crush on each other.


After their date, instead of leaving her some flowers, he left her a lamp. Serena isn’t sure what it means. Is it an insult or does it show he cares?


Things are going great at Serena’s job. She’s now a Wedding Photographer.


While Karma is doing very well in school and still making friends, she isn’t really happy because she keeps taking her frustrations out on the trashcan by kicking it.


Serena invites Oliver over again. This time she wears a cute little yellow dress and decides to wear a bit of blush. She’s hoping he will like her more.


They spend some time cuddling on the couch. Karma’s friend comes to interrupt.


Later when they are alone things get a bit heated.


She finally decides to be bold and asks him to marry her. He was really happy and said yes.


Things are now going so great for her. On the day of her wedding she got a promotion at work. She then hurried to prepare the wedding party. She wanted everyone to be there and wanted to time it for when her mother got home from work at 7pm.


But just as her mother arrived from work, death came to get her. Serena was devastated. She was just minutes away from getting married. She was younger than Charles, yet death came for her.


Serena wanted to cancel the wedding but her father didn’t let her. He didn’t even cry when Sarah passed away. He must be in shock.


It was sad to see an empty space besides her father, where her mother should have been.


Serena was very concerned for her father, but he assured her that he was ok and not to worry so much.


Serena influenced Karma to flirt with Whyatt. She was very shy and scared to do it, but she finally did it and he responded well.


Poor Charles was too tired to show any emotions for his wife’s passing and his daughter’s wedding.