21 January 2010

Homeless Challenge – Chapter 3

Although they have the Juicer, I am not experienced on how to use it so they rarely use it. I had to read about it online today to find out what I was doing wrong. I was only adding cucumbers this winter and I think cucumbers alone won’t do anything.


It’s a good thing they had a lot of fish stocked up while the pond was frozen.


Trenton finally started painting again. For a few days after he was cured of Plantsim, his motive bar was fully red no matter how full his motives were.


Since the floor is made of dirt, whenever the cheap shower leaks, weeds are growing inside.


Precious is now a toddler. She obviously has Marilyn’s eyes because she has some makeup on. Marilyn’s skin was custom made for her.


Whenever Precious wakes up and cries it wakes both parents since they’re all in the same room.


They bought a cheap bathtub but had to leave it outside since there was no place to put it inside.


Marilyn found out she was pregnant again. They were happy about it. They know they can manage.


Precious is growing up.


She doesn’t mind bathing outdoors. She grew up this way and it’s normal for her.


She’s now old enough to help in the garden.


Marilyn gave birth to another girl whom they named Cherish.


20 January 2010

Homeless Challenge - Chapter 2

Marilyn eats a lot to keep her energy up while she’s pregnant.


She also naps a lot. She still manages to help with the crops, but not as much as before.


Their relationship is as strong as ever, if not stronger!


Trenton is starting to make good money as a painter and sold a master piece!


A cute little penguin sometimes comes to visit them when they leave a fish lying around the ground.


Little girl Precious is born.


Raising a baby outside is certainly not going to be easy, but the weather so far permits it.


Trenton finally decides to take medication to cure his Plantsim.


Oh No! It’s starting to snow and they have no roof over their heads to protect baby Precious.


Trenton had made enough money to build them a little house. It wasn’t much, but it was a roof over their heads.


The inside is also nothing much to look at, but it’s a lot better than what they had.


Marilyn finally found herself different clothes to wear at a thrift store. She certainly likes to dress in a provocative way.


Trenton works in his garden even in the winter. He can’t afford a computer to play Farmville, but he can work in one for real. One can’t beat that.


Between taking care of Precious, Marilyn helps to gather food for their meals.


13 January 2010

Homeless Challenge – Chapter 1

This challenge was inspired by the Homeless challenge and Land Lubber’s Challenge. I started out as wanting to follow the rules, but I found it too had and bent some rules a little.

I downloaded Drew Barrymore and converted her into a male in CAS. I can’t be bothered with creating my own Sims since they end up resembling each other too much.

Here’s Trenton. He’s never had a job and has no skills. His aspiration is Fortune, however he’s dirt poor.


Since no one will hire him on a steady job because he has no experiences, he sometimes work as a DJ.


Sometimes he manages to put in a few hours filling for someone as a waiter.


The few bucks he makes helps to feed him when he goes Downtown.


Sometimes he just buys some hot dogs and grills them in parks, he finds that to be the cheapest way.


At times he roasts marshmallows, but that doesn’t satisfy his hunger much.


He bathes in public bathrooms.


More often than not he falls asleep wherever he may fall. Having no bed, let alone a shelter of any kind, he can’t very well go without sleeping forever.


Finally he decides to try his hand on gardening.


Since constantly going from place to place Downtown slows up my game and got me bored out of my mind waiting for each to load, I decided to build him a little pond and a garden, a single wall, a toilet, and a cheap sink. He will try to live off the land. I left him with 100 simoleon.


He’s not good at fishing, or maybe the pond is just filthy. His first catch was a boot.


And since I want to avoid going Downtown, he can’t very well make money, so I gave him an easel.


His days were pretty much the same until he saw Marilyn walk by and he went to greet her. He just wanted someone to talk to for a bit, since he’s usually alone. He expected her to be cold and snobby, but surprisingly she was very friendly. [She was the first female he’d seen walking by in a long time and he was desperate for company.]


She joined him and sat on his cheap sofa behind a single old wall. He couldn’t believe she hadn’t freaked out about anything yet. She seemed not to notice that this was where he lived.


She hung around and he finally pointed out to her that this was all that he had. He was homeless and living off the land and what little he made selling paintings.


She told him she found him very brave and gutsy and she admired him.


She told him she lived alone and got very lonely too. She suggested that they could keep each other company.


She hung around and played games with him.


He spent all of his time taking care of his garden and painting.


He hadn’t seen Marilyn in quite a while and he knew he wouldn’t be seeing her again. But one day he was surprised to see her approaching him.


Oh, NO! What is happening?????


He turned into a plant! [I’ve had the game for several years and this is the first time it’s happened to me!]

Not having money to seek a cure, he had to live this way for the time being.


Marilyn didn’t freak out by his looks. She told him she had missed him and wanted to spend some more time with him.


He was really falling for her, and hard. But nothing could come out of this. They were too different and besides he was Homeless.


One good thing about being a Plantsim, all he needed was water, sunlight and love. The love he can even get by talking to his plants.


But it still wasn’t easy and he had a breakdown.


Days went by and when finally Marilyn showed up again, he didn’t want to see her leave him again.


As crazy as it sounds, he proposed to her and they got married!


Immediately Marilyn started learning to help in the garden. Now their garden.


She even tried to learn fishing.


They finally could afford a cheap bed! Things were really a lot better for Trenton.


Trenton works hard on improving his painting skill so he can support him and Marilyn.


Why a woman would choose to live with a man this way was beyond Trenton, all he knew was that she seemed very happy and so was he.


Not too long after they married, Marilyn got pregnant. They had never discussed the possibility so they just accepted the fact.


Although they lacked a lot of the basic necessities, they got along just fine and were happy.