10 November 2010

My Adoption Challenge – Part 01

I call this “My” because I’m not following anybody else’s rules but my own. Basically I am starting with a female adult and her goal is to adopt at least 7 babies and see them all through school using no cheats.  She bought a 4x4 lot and had to buy all the necessities she needed and get a job in order to survive.

The female adult I choose is one I downloaded from ModTheSims using Lucille Ball. All I did was change her hair and shorten her nose a little. Her name is Phail Adop and she’s a Playground Monitor, not making much money.


She used her money to build a small, simple house and the cheapest necessities, leaving her with 1,500 simoliens.


The inside is all open, even the bathroom. No floors. I only use SimBlender [the plant] to do makeovers on townies and such, otherwise I’m using no cheats on this challenge.


Phail’s friend from work, Samantha Ottomas has a few children of her own and constantly talks about them. This makes Phail earn for babies of her own. Being single and having no interest to finding a man, she decides to try adoption.


She needed to have at least 3,000 simoleons so she sold the computer that was left at her doorstep as a welcome gift.


She can’t wait to have her first baby. She called and they finally accepted her request.


She adopted a little girl whom she named Apple.


She really enjoys taking care of Apple. She knows this is what she was meant to do with her life.


She decided to try to adopt another baby. She received another girl whom she named Berrie.


By watching what she eats [usually pigging out on chips and cookies or cooking the fish she catches], this way she saves enough money to be able to consider adopting another baby.


Meanwhile the babies are growing. Apple is growing up well and happy.


Just like a normal toddler she’s into everything.


Sometimes when Phail takes a nap Apple sneaks outside to play with fireflies.


Phail is often tired with her job and taking care of 2 kids, but she enjoys every minute with them. She finally could afford to buy a bathtub so she could bathe Apple since she didn’t fit in the sink anymore.


She adopts her 3rd baby, this time a boy whom she names Chocolate.


The Nanny has a hard time keeping up with taking care of 2 babies and a toddler while Phail is at work.


But she manages to keep them safe and content.


Berrie is growing up and is super cute!


She doesn’t have time to clean properly let alone take a shower. Weeds are growing on her dirt floor but she can’t afford real floors, let alone a maid.


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