04 June 2009

Download Sim With Custom Content - Serena Allen

- Remember this is a sims2pack file. Once you have downloaded it, Double click on the file in order to install it.

snapshot_57273e14_572c4ab3 Sideway and Frontsnapshot_57273e14_3729e57c

List of Custom Content: serenaallencc

Serena Allen from my ISBI Challenge with CC.


She’s the daughter of Corey McCullough. The only makeup she is wearing is a little bit of blush.



  1. Can you re-upload Corey? There's something wrong with the file or something.

    Thanks for the sims!

  2. What error did you get? I downloaded it and installed it and it worked. Should I re-package it?

  3. These are sims2pack files and needs to be double clicked on in order to be installed properly or else they won't show up in the game. Did you manage to make it work?

  4. It was just media fire I couldn't download from...fixed now, thanks.

  5. I was hoping you could upload Treena, shes just so Pretteh ;P I rlly want her on my game:)

  6. Btw, could you please explain to me how you take a sim out of the game and recreate him in bodyshop, if so please tell ;P
    Sorry, Im a newb ;)

  7. I will try to take the time to upload Treena.
    I follow this tutorial to do it. Found it on Mod The Sims. You will need the program SimPE


    SimPE: http://sims.ambertation.de/

  8. Thanks so much:) Btw, loving your Serial Killer series.