22 May 2009

Asylum Challenge Part 1

The Rules to the Asylum Challenge can be read Here.

Here’s a picture of the gang I am starting with. I will introduce them one by one in a bit.


Here’s a picture of the asylum. It’s just a plain, flat, white building.


Jesmin Black was born in my Black Widow Challenge. She is the 10th of 11 children that the widow had.

Jesmin Black has been committed to run a mental health facility against her will. To earn her freedom she must achieve her LTW [Lifetime Want] which is to reach the peak of the Oceanography career. Her aspiration is Knowledge. I did roll the dice to get those results.


Ivory Black. She is the Black Widow from my Black Widow Challenge and the mother of Jesmin. The rules says that everyone should be unrelated, so I cloned her so that she wouldn’t be related. However, in my writing they are related. She was committed to the asylum after being prosecuted for murdering all 11 of her lovers. She’s still a Romance aspiration.


Cordell Black is the son of Ivory, the Black Widow from my Black Widow Challenge, and he’s also in Son of a Black Widow. He is the 8th child of her 11 children. He’s a Romance aspiration. He has been committed after seeking professional help after 3 of his lovers passed away.


Kara is a Fortune aspiration [I used the dice]. She has been committed to the asylum because she believes she is the wife of Donald Trump and kept stalking him.


Telly is a Romance aspiration [I used the dice]. She’s addicted to love and seeks it in all the wrong places. She was committed after kidnapping 3 men and proven to be insane.


Harvey is a Family aspiration [I used the dice]. He’s such a perfectionist and when everything around him collapsed he broke down.


Sally is a Knowledge aspiration [I used the dice]. She was committed after impostering as a nun. In her mind she believes she is a nun still.


Brian is a Popularity aspiration [I used the dice]. He played a role playing game online so much that he believes he is one of the characters of a different race.


It starts out pretty smoothly. After they all met each other, they all started with activities outside.


Jesmin hurries to fix some sandwiches before one of the patients attempts to cook. [On the cupboard there is an espresso machine, I didn’t know it was too high in energy for the rules, but later I changed it to a lower one.]


There is smaller room where the TV, a violin, and the telephone is. They can also gather and get to know each other more here.


Jesmin hurried to fix food, but it wasn’t long before some of them started to cook themselves. She really feared one of them would cause a fire.


Brian and Sally walk in while Ivory is having a shower. Not much privacy in this place.


Jesmin hurries to get a bed before they get all full. She found a job in the medical career, although this is not what she wants nor needs. But there was no other options.


Cordell and his mother stay up late to eat and talk.


Jesmin is having a hard time to get her Oceanography career, in the meantime she will work in the medical field. She doesn’t have much money and she needs to keep the patients fed and the bills paid.


While Jesmin is at work, the patients have to fend for themselves and cook. Sally preaches the Bible at the table to anyone who will listen.


Ivory admires herself. There are men around and maybe she’ll be able to snag one. She still looks pretty good for her age.


Cordell uses the bathroom no matter who’s in there. He isn’t shy about that sort of thing.


Jesmin didn’t buy any exercising equipments because she feared the patients would overuse it. Instead she uses the television to help motivate her workouts.


Some figure it’s better to eat directly from the fridge than sit at the table and listen to Sally preach.


The shower is broken and Harvey constantly cleans the floor. He is very helpful around the Asylum. His perfection comes handy.


Each day she comes home, Jesmin checks the paper for the Oceanography career, but it’s not showing up and it’s been almost a week. Today she can’t find the paper. Someone must have thrown it out.


Worship this ball or be damned to hell… Poor Harvey often gets caught listening to her jibbers.


But even when no one is listening she goes on.


Kara is depressed because Donald Trump hasn’t came to visit her yet.


“Shouldn’t you put pants on to play kicky ball?” Kara asks.
“I love to show off my body.” Cordell smirks.
“You had me at hello.” She swoons.


Did Cordell start a trend? Now even Sally the nun is walking around in her underwear.


Whenever Jesmin needs to have some fun, I make her play “red hands” with someone and I find the fun goes up fast. Here she is playing “red hands” with her mother Ivory.


Jesmin tries to make friends. Here she is talking with Cassidy. Poor Harvey breaks down crying and Telly tries to sooth him.


Often when someone is cooking, they forget the food in the stove so Jesmin hurries to get it before it catches fire.


Sander, Cordell’s son and Jesmin’s nephew, comes to visit.


Jesmin was outside talking with Sanders when she realized a fire had broke out in the kitchen. Someone caught the microwave on fire.


She hurried to extinguish it. I am not sure if I am allowed to call the fire truck, so I didn’t.


She managed to put out the fire herself and she didn’t loose any appliances nor furniture, and most importantly no one died. Good thing she wasn’t at work.


Now the fun begins. Everyone is going to fight for the shower.


It’s now winter and they are enjoying the outdoors. Harvey is making her second snowman.


Kara was cooking when she broke down.


Again it was a good thing that Jesmin wasn’t at work. She hurried and was able to extinguish the fire.


Kara goes outside to beg for money. She says Donald Trump isn’t sending her money anymore.


Jesmin feels bad for her and goes to give her a gift.


Brian gives up trying to have his turn to the shower and decides to get naked in front of everyone and bathes in the kitchen sink.


Quite a few days have gone by and Jesmin still hasn’t got the Oceanography job yet. I think it should be called “Fish Chummer” but I haven’t seen it yet.