30 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Goths Part 4

Dina enjoys dancing when Mortimer plays on the piano.


She started having morning sickness. Mortimer kept asking if she was pregnant, but she always said no. She couldn’t be pregnant! She was always careful not to be!


But indeed, she was pregnant. When she found out she couldn’t stop crying. For all the 9 months Mortimer would catch her sobbing. He figured it was the hormone changes.


She finally gave birth to a baby girl. Mortimer named her Bella, after his first wife who had vanished a few years ago.


Dina was like a child at times. She would go find him in his study and start asking for material things she wanted to buy.


He didn’t mind spending money on her, but he wondered what she could do with most of the things he’d buy her. When he got her a bubble blower, she didn’t even play on it.


But he just wanted to make her happy. At least now that Bella was born she wasn’t crying anymore.


Dina even started to like Alexander and she would play with him like a little kid.


Things were going pretty good and Alexander adored his new little sister.


He even painted a painting of his step mother holding Bella.


Meanwhile Mortimer turned Cassandra’s bedroom into his research room. He worked hard on finding cures for certain diseases.


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  1. Love that, "it's just hormones..." Dina gets what she dishes out!