05 March 2009

Finding Oneself & Growing Chapter 05

Yen and Andrew are both into ballet and spend a lot of time together.


Even after ballet classes they find “other” things to do together.


Yen hasn’t been hiding the fact that they like each other anymore in public. He does care for Lila, but he can’t bring himself to feel for her as he does with Andrew.


He tried to take his mother’s advice and see other girls. She told him maybe he was just confused because Lila had been his only girlfriend. But he found himself going through the motions, his heart wasn’t into it and he kept thinking about Andrew.


The Quads birthdays!


The quads as teenagers.


Bayley as a teen. She has her mother’s' full bodied freckles and her father’s grey eyes and brown hair. But it’s her mother’s beauty that shines through.


Beah has all the features of her father’s and she likes to wear her hair really short.


Yzidor, like Bayley, has their mother’s freckles and their father’s grey eyes, but his hair has some orange in it, like their mom, unlike the other siblings.


Bien has their father’s hair color and has not freckles, but she is the only one of the siblings to have their mom’s green eyes.


Beah is really into science and on her first night with her new telescope, she got abducted by aliens! Luckily she was brought back home, unharmed.


Most boys seem to really find Bayley hot, and she likes the attention.


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