18 November 2010

My Adoption Challenge Part 04

Berrie is now a teenager.


Eclair is now a child.


Fig is now a child.


Chocolate is now a teen.


Since Berrie loves to cook, she made a salad. Apple was so happy to eat something other than fish that she gobbled it up.


Things were starting to look up for the Adop family. Growing up, they could help more around the house. The teens worked on their grades in order to be able to have a part time job to help out more financially.


They still hadn’t installed an alarm and one night a burglar came in and stole the 3 cribs.


It was evening and the place was hectic as usual. No one noticed that Fig had been outside playing so long that he froze!! [All of a sudden I received a pop up warning me he was freezing and that’s when I saw the social worker’s van already parked at the road.]


It had been the Nanny who had been playing outside with Fig, yet even though she was cold too, she didn’t bring Fig inside.


Phail had been sleeping and was awaken by the social worker to learn that she was coming to get all her kids except for the 3 teenagers.


Come on, Fig, get up!!! --- but Fig just layed there while the social worker gathered the other kids in the van.


Phail cried as the social worker took one kid at a time to the van.


Eclair must had been hiding because after the social worker left, he walked inside. [Although he’s not selectable]


Phail tried calling the adoption agency but they told her after what had happened that they couldn’t help her. She had lost 4 children forever! ----------- I failed this challenge!!



  1. Anonymous12:07 PM AST

    Sad to hear that you failed!! Better luck next time :)

  2. This sounds very fun! I'll try it right now!

  3. Oh dear! Poor babies! ...Is the challenge limited to while the dominant Sim is an adult? Because you could seriously space it out by giving yourself more time, and adopting as an elder. Or, heck, adopting and waiting until one is a child and so on...

    Good luck next time, though!

  4. Thanks, CC. There was no time limit, the goal was to see them all finish school. I am going to try this in Sims 3 eventually. Hopefully it will go better, lol

  5. Replies
    1. It was a fun Challenge! If you have Seasons watch out for the weather lol