21 January 2008

A Refresher

I am continuing the story of Adam & Ave. You can see the first chapter HERE. Since this was in 2007, I will paste the rules I am using again here.
I created a custom town and started only with two adult Sims.

I have set a few rules.

The first 2 Sims must be male & female. I decided to use 2 Sims in which I downloaded from modthesims2.com
Saul by Rock Chick - Whom I called Adam Legacy
Kim Bassinger by Vera Marina - Whom I called Ave Legacy

One child will continue the legacy. Even if they have more than one child, I can only choose one.

The offspring that I choose can marry anyone he/she chooses. Even ones I create or downloaded ones. This is because I find townies boring.

Since the first two adults starts with A, their kids will start with a B, and the B's kid's will start with a C and so on. Usually names I make up that pops up in my head randomly, lol.

And since I can only use one offspring, in order not to get too confused and end up with too many Sims on my hands, I might let the offspring I don't choose get into some fatal "accidents", mwhahaha...

I can't use the cheat code for the money. They must work for for anything they want and need.

To choose their aspiration, I use a dice, this way it's more of a challenge. Adam is a Popularity Sim, and so is Ave!! This should be fun - NOT! Adam's lifetime want is to be a Culinary Chef, and Ave's lifetime want is to be the Mayor. If you want to see the house I started them with and the first Chapter, go to year 2007 in the archive.

With that said, Here is Chapter 2........ [in this blog you have to scroll down to see the older posts, so chapter two starts above this one]

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