19 May 2009

Son of a Black Widow Chapter 3

I am not counting the points on this challenge because I am cheating on the deaths. I am using the Death Creator. I don’t think I will go to 10 lovers on this one, I will probably just go to 5.

Continuing where we left off, Abbey Calson passed away after a satellite fell on her.

Cordell finally bought himself a car. A nice beauty, too.


He called his twin brothers, Nickson and Nelson to come over and see his new car.


They hung out together for a while.


Later they went in the cemetery and Nickson started hinting that Cordell must have killed his two x lovers. Cordell denied it angrily. The twins then told him that his mother had killed all of their fathers, she just hadn’t got caught. They told him that he had been too young to realize it at the time.


When his mother came by the next day, Cordell wondered if what the twins had told him was true.


Kendal moves in with Cordell. She still attends school and she works part time as a Waterperson making $97. She added $10 thousand to the family.


She soon got pregnant.


Her friend, Barbara Young often came by and she was getting closer to Cordell.


I gave her surgery. I think I might have overdone it this time. I changed everything about her, hehe, then cloned her. She’s only wearing a bit of lipstick, nothing else, and she is still pretty.

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Cordell is very attracted to her.


He finds himself spending a lot of time with her alone.


Then one day Kendal caught him and Barbara in bed together.


Sander is now a child.


Abbott is now a toddler.


Although Kendal is angry at Barbara for having slept with Cordell, she still continues to hang around with her.


Kendal gives birth to a baby girl! She named her Kendra. [I did save before she gave birth and she gave birth to a boy. I had to go to the neighbourhood twice, then finally on the third try she had a girl.]


A nice evening with the family. But could it be like mother, like son?


Kendal went for a walk and it started to rain. She decided to turn around when it started thundering.


But not soon enough. Lightning struck her and she died.


Again, for the third time, Cordell is left alone with the kids.


He buried Kendal and laid the letter she gave him next to her tombstone.



  1. Great job on Barbara. It doesn't matter that you over did...it's not like anyone's going to miss that old face. Still...Cordell? Going after teenagers?

    I think it's good that you're not going after 10 kills; 'cause for a Male Black Widow - it's just too weird.

  2. I know, it is too weird. I wanted to try it out this way, I thought it would be fun, but I find myself feeling bad for killing females lol