09 February 2009

Make Overs – Riverblossom Valley

Here is where I will be adding the make over I make with townies and NPCs from Sims 2 Riverblossom Valley.

Here is Lila Young’s before and after. Not a major difference, but I prefer it.

snapshot_768bd654_769b8292 snapshot_768bd654_d69b8580

Here is Lila Young as a teenager and then an adult. I thought I’d throw those in here as well. I didn’t change her hair as an adult, she grew up with them so I left them as is. She grew up quite pretty.

snapshot_768bd654_b6bc512b snapshot_768bd654_56bc8c16

Alicia Reeves’ Before & After. I just changed her hair a bit and added some make-up.

snapshot_768bd654_56a367c4   snapshot_768bd654_96a36ade

Edith Lawson – Ballet Dance Secret Club Instructor. I only added some make-up and earrings.

snapshot_768bd654_969c6d7f snapshot_768bd654_d69f4148

Sarah Macarevich’s before and after. I only changed her hair and added make-up. Now I think she looked better before, lol, I will change her look again and post it back on here later.

snapshot_768bd654_b6bc2edb    snapshot_768bd654_16bc5852

Eric Seavy’s before and after. I just changed his hair and added some facial hair. He has an extremely long nose and his mouth isn’t that cute, but I hated to do a plastic surgery because I don’t think he’s ugly and it gives him character. I don’t want all my Sims to look the same. Just like real life, I want some flaws.

  snapshot_768bd654_36bc84ae snapshot_768bd654_36bc8672


  1. The makeovers are great. I don't play RH that much (too country), so I don't know those characters.

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM AST

    Didnt even know there was one called riverblossom valley. which expansion pack is it?

  3. It came with Seasons.