29 April 2009


I hadn’t played The Sims 2 for a while and decided to play with the Maxis made Sims in Pleasantview. I am actually having a ball. The main reason being that I don’t make up the stories, I let the story unfold by itself. This way I can’t wait to play again, compared to when I made up the stories, I would go blank or get tired of it.
The way I do it is, I let them go on freewill and I try to fulfill their wants. I do use boolprop to fill up their motives at times because I find that too time consuming and boring.
Don’t expect fancy writing and long paragraphs. I keep it short and to the point as best as I can.
Also, I do change their original looks with "change appearance", but I don't use the Facelift / Surgery no matter how ugly they may be. I like to keep their original features, it keeps their character.
EDITED: I will be using Surgery on certain Townies.
I also have a blog for Sims3.

- Donna


  1. I use surgery all the time to change basically, the nose and mouth, and sometimes, the eyes, if changing the others screw up the face. From where I stand, in real life, I've never seen a person with a beak-like nose, or a face so disproportionate.

    If you ever do use surgery, don't forget to get Christianlov's CL Editor (it corrects the Sim DNA, and makes it hereditary).

  2. Yes, some of them are really scary! I had heard about the Sim DNA but I didn't know where to get it. Again, thanks for the very useful tip! I just got the Throw Massive Party hack a few minutes ago, now I am off to get the DNA fix.