25 April 2010

Twin Challenge Part 02

Natas doesn’t have many friends other than Nevaeh, but she took a liking to some kid from school, although she just sees him as one of the girls.


She can’t be bothered with homework most of the time she lets Nevaeh do it for her.


The girls playing after school with some friends over.


Nevaeh and Natas are now teenagers. Everything about them is so identical that they start to wear different coloured clothes in order to make it easier on their parents, especially.


While Nevaeh is interested in boys and wants to start dating, Natas couldn’t care less about them.


Meanwhile, Peppermint is growing into a beautiful child.


When she grew up her father didn’t put her down so it ended up this way. You can see more of those shots on the bloopers page.


One night Nevaeh and Netas went out Downtown. While Nevaeh had her parent’s permission to go, Netas didn’t since her grade were slipping and she wasn’t allowed to go out for a while. However, she sneaked out and joined Nevaeh.


Natas wanted to go play poker for a while. While playing Precious’ mother was there and kept studying the twins. “Wow, I can’t see any difference between the two of you!" Marilyn studied. “You really are identical.” …. - DUH!


They soon got bored at the Poker place. Everyone was older and no one was interested in playing poke.


Finally they decided to stop at a nearby night club.


Nevaeh was having fun meeting guys. She spent some time talking with Gerard Landry.


Then she chatted with Ace for a while, but he wasn’t very friendly!


Natas waited while Nevaeh spent time getting to know Ace and Gerard.


Noticing her alone, Gerard approached Natas, but she wasn’t interested in him or any other guy and gave him the cold shoulder.


When Nevaeh was playing catch with Gerard, Natas came out and looked angry as she watched them.


Then Natas started insulting Gerard and told him to leave her sister alone.


Nevaeh couldn’t understand why Natas was behaving this way. They had never had problems like this before. Why would Natas be jealous that she was spending time with guys? She was just as attractive as her sister and could attract guys as well. She decided to call it a night and they both went home.


21 April 2010

Twin Challenge Part 01

Based on The Evil Twin Challenge. I am not counting points, I just use this guideline to play and make it more interesting for myself.

How I got my family is a bit twisted. The man of the house is “Priska, the Rebel from Austria!” by Vera Marina’s Ethnic Girls Collection. That’s right, he started out as a woman. A gorgeous woman at that! In create a family, I chose her and clicked to change her gender to male. The identical twins are also “Priska, the Rebel from Austria!” only this time I changed her to a toddler. Two times. One has all nice and neat points, the other has no nice nor neat points. The mother, I downloaded from modthesims but I don’t remember who she is. Maybe she was a male that I changed into a female, I don’t remember now. If and when I do, I will add the link here.

Meet the Goovils. Claire, Robert, and identical twins Nevaeh and Natas. Robert was a young widow with twins when he met Claire and shortly married her.  [I don’t write stories much, it’s more of a journal of what is happening when I play and I add a bit of story to it.]


The twins were so young when they lost their biological mother that they took to Claire as their mother.


Both girls a spitting image of their father with the same red hair and full face freckles.


A view of the front of their house. [It comes with the game, I didn't’ build it. Just modified it a bit.]


A view of the back of their house.


Claire loves to spend time reading stories to the toddlers.


White Neveah is very friendly and will go with anyone who gives her attention, Natas is more reserved and not so friendly.


Otherwise both girls seem just about the same.


Although the twins are easy to care for, they hired a Nanny, Vicki Hourvitz, because both had outside careers. Robert being a Journalist and Claire into Law.


Claire took time off from work when she became pregnant. [I hadn’t planned on having them have more children, but I got curious as to what their biological child would look like.]


The twins are growing and couldn’t be any closer.


They’ve grown to be quite beautiful and stunning children.


White Natas loves to spend a lot of her spare time playing games on the computer, Nevaeh likes to read and study.


Claire gave birth finally. But wouldn’t you know it to twins!!! I really wasn’t expecting this.


She had fraternity twins. A boy, Jay, and a girl, Jaydene.


On certain days after school, they are allowed to bring friends over. Nehaeh likes to bring Precious. [Precious is from my Homeless challenge.]


White Natas doesn’t like having a friend of her own over, she doesn't like it when her sister has one either.


Although Robert only has one logic point, it didn’t stop the aliens from abducting him! He really thought he was safe since it was just a little past 1am!


They didn’t keep him long. A few hours later he was dropped off.


It wasn’t long before the house was a total mess. With two young girls and newborn twins, it was almost impossible to keep the house clean, even Nanny Vicki couldn’t keep up.


They had to hire a maid. The beautiful Genesis took the job.


The fraternity twins grow up and they are breathtakingly ugly!! Jay looks like Chucky from the horror movie.


jaydene looks as ugly as her brother, the only difference is that she has black hair like her mother. I have never seen children with such bags under their eyes.


Having a house with no stairs means the toddlers can go out whenever they want to. Jaydene likes to take advantage of it by going outside even at nights, rain or shine.


Although the girls have beds upstairs, they always manage to fall asleep outside besides the swimming pool on the lawn chairs. They must not like their beds.


What do you mean it’s a beer belly? I’m really having a baby!


And sure enough Robert had a baby girl whom he named Peppermint.


Jay is now a big boy! What is he so excited about though?


He’s excited because he grew out his ugliness! He’s quite handsome now.


His twin sister Jaydene is also pretty now.


Peppermint is growing along like any other normal toddler. But having green skin and a name like Peppermint, it’s making her toddler friends lick her to see if she tastes minty.


20 April 2010

Bloopers, Candids, & Bugs

Here are some bloopers & bugs / glitches that happened while playing The Sims 2. Explanations above each snapshots if needed.

What kind of sick twisted trick is that? – She was ready to grow up and instead of putting her on the floor she grew up in his arms.


I’m gonna eat you, Daddy!


Siamese twin’s legs?


Being taken away by aliens.


A floating infant baby. There was no bed there. He wanted to cry so he laid the baby on the floor and the baby floated there.


The toddler fell asleep while peeing.


The twins just had their birthdays and grew up at the same time. They seem shocked by their appearance and I don’t blame them! The legs in the back isn’t someone who hung himself, it’s just a child jumping on the bed.


Playing Peek-a-Boo with a ghost?


Sharon Wirth didn't even open the door, she just walked through it. You can see part of her left arm and her right leg are still on the other side of the door.

"He's behind me, isn't he?" Victor Aspir and his son, Parker.

I had the game paused and found Bien like this. She was making the bed.


I was using a hack pose that I downloaded, and her face kept changing and making weird expressions.


When they play Poker, their eyes keep doing these weird movements. I don’t know why.


“Kiss me baby” – She was whistling and he was dancing. Their mouths are ugly when they whistle.