02 June 2009

I’m Surrounded By Idiots Chapters 6

Oliver’s aspiration is so low. He pretends to be making out with a mop. Weirdly, she kinda looks like Karma.


Treena is growing up beautifully. She looks a lot like her father.


After Treena grew up, Oliver got in a better mood. They spend a lot of time playing catch outside.


Jabelle is also growing. She also looks a lot like her father, but she has her mother’s eyes.


Serena can’t believe how fast her babies are growing. She likes to spend a lot of time with them.


Karma thinks it’s ok to get naked in front of anyone and washes herself in the kitchen sink! Oliver seems to find it entertaining.


Without being influenced, Whyatt kisses Karma’s hand. Serena calls to invite him over so that he and Karma can spend time together.


They are getting along so well. Serena is glad that Karma has a friend like him.


Old Nanny Heidi passed away one day. Serena didn’t seem bothered by this. She was expecting it since Heidi was so old.


Serena hires a new Nanny. Nanny Lisa Ying so far seems to be doing a good job with the kids.


Jabelle has now grown up. Her favourite hobby is drawing, like her mother.


Treena tries to play with Jabelle, but she draws away and plays by herself. The girls aren’t really close.


Serena loves it when they all have dinner together and spend quality time as a family.


Again Karma shows no shame and starts washing herself in the kitchen. Everyone else tries to ignore what she is doing, but it’s awkward. Serena warns them not to do like aunt Karma.


Finally the girls are getting closer.


Serena checks herself out in the mirror. She’s starting to worry about getting old.


Karma is pretty strong, she can hold Whyatt with no struggle.


They have friends from work and school over and Serena cooks them a nice meal. She only hopes that Karma doesn’t get naked in the kitchen again today.


Treena is now a teenager. Red goes well on her. [I rolled the dice and she’s a Fortune aspiration. She also likes sports a lot.]


Serena often plays “red hand” with her children to make sure they are having fun.



  1. The girls are so beautiful, and so is the new nanny. You mentioned getting new face templates before. Whose was it? I'm using Katu (something) from MTS.

    One thing I find confusing. Was the nanny who just passed away living in the house? 'Cause I don't understand how the grim reaper will come for her when she's at work (even though it happens in life).

    Another thing, are you using a face mask? Why do all your elder sims have such saggy faces?

  2. I am trying to find where I got the face templates from and I don't remember. I looked in my download folder and I see them, but they are all numbered and described with no name as to whom created them.

    No, the Nanny wasn't living with them. I just figured that she was a senior when Charles hired her when he was an adult, and now Charles is dead by old age and here the Nanny is still alive, so I used the boolprop and spawned the death tester thing.

    Yes, I use the face mask to make them look older when they've been a senior for a while. Makes it more realistic for me, hehe.

    Now it is driving me crazy as to where I got those face templates from, lol .. I don't think it was MTS

  3. Ha! Just as I checked my bookmarks I saw the link there! Here is where I got the face templates:
    Zazazu's face replacements