27 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Brokes

Brandi Broke lived alone with her son Beau. Her oldest son Dustin had moved out after marrying Angela Pleasant. She’d had a hard time with Dustin after his father Skip had died accidently drowning in a water hole in their backyard. Now she was getting used to living quietly with her youngest son.


She didn’t have much money, so she would usually just stay home with Beau.


Julien Cook came by to see Brandi, but she had no attraction towards him.


Her main concern was in raising Beau and she needed to find a job in order to support them. She decided to try to work at a restaurant since she was a good cook.


It wasn’t long after that she realized that she was pregnant again! She didn’t know if she should be devastated or feel blessed since this was the last thing that Skip would have left her with before he died.


Little Gavin was born. She now had 3 sons.


Being a single mom wasn’t easy, but she never complained because disciplining Beau was easy compared to when she had raised Dustin. Beau has grown to a child.


Nine sometimes dropped by to see her. She tried to talk Brandi into going out with her to meet guys, but Brandi wasn’t ready. [As you can see with the toilet, she is lousy at house cleaning.]


Beau was making friends and his favourite one was Sharla Ottamas.


Sharla’s mother Samantha started dropping by to visit Brandi. Samantha had 3 kids already and she was expecting twins. [The Ottamas are a premade family available with The Sims 2: Seasons]


She enjoyed every minute spent with her sons.


When she had to return to work, she hired Nanny Kendal. She hated leaving her kids, especially Gavin because he was still so young, but she had no other choices.



  1. Holy s...um...is it legal to show your baby's bum to the whole world?

    Brandi's so beautiful. She makes Nina look over dressed and tacky in comparison. I wonder though? How's someone so broke, able to afford a nanny?

    Oh, whose skin are you using for Brandi?

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  3. lol, I hope it's legal. Looks like she didn't clean him too good.

    She just got a job, so hopefully it will cover the Nanny.
    I don't remember in that shot why the Nanny was still there when Brandi was home.
    I am using "Idolatry of Flesh Redux" skin tones as Defaults

  4. moo moo cow10:20 PM ADT

    the pedofile kendal lmao