14 March 2009

Chapter 07 – Some Moving Out

Arielle and Zack got older.


They are still very much in love.


Bien’s pregnancy is now showing. Arielle isn’t accepting that her daughter is pregnant because she is so young, but she is more amicable towards her. Yen confides in Bien that he and Andrew are building a house and asks her if she’d consider moving in with them.


Bien brings this new idea to her father first. He tells her they should all discuss it together.


When they bring it up to Arielle, Arielle says it’s for the best, that the house is full already. Much to Zack’s chagrin who would of rather have Bien stay. But Bien assures them that she’d love to move out with Yen and Andrew.


Here is the baby’s father up close, Eric Seavy. There is a before and after shot of him in the Make Over Section. The only thing I changed on him was the hair and I added some stubbles. He has a long nose and his mouth is a bit wide, but I don’t want all my Sims to be pretty and perfect. It gives them character.


Yen brings his sister Bien to their new house.


He shows Bien her bedroom. It’s done in pink and rose, while his and Andrew’s is done in purple and fuchsia.


Bien still attends school even though she is pregnant. Yen wants to help her so that she can still get a career even if she is having a baby.


Yen thought Lila was alright with his and Andrew’s relationship, but after they moved in together she started acting strange. She often comes by to steal their paper and kick down their trash can which often brings in termites in their yard.


Andrew has a son, Jacob Martin, he’s close to Bien’s age. He moved in with them too. His mother died when he was a baby.


Bien obviously has a crush on him. But she never acts on her feelings, she’s still dating Eric.


Bien gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Courtney. Remember that the girls go by alphabetic order so this generation is on the letter C.


Zack often drops by to visit his grand daughter.


Eric keeps poking Jacob whenever he comes over. He really doesn’t like him.


Arielle finally started to drop by to see her kids and grand daughter.


Eric proposes to Bien in the snow one day. She accepted. But the date is not soon because they are both still in school.


Courtney is now a toddler. She has her mother’s brown hair and freckles, and her father’s blue eyes and wide mouth. The nose I am not sure yet.


Bien loves to paint. She is painting a portray of Jacob while Courtney plays.


Meanwhile… Again, Beah was abducted by aliens!


The remaining siblings at home are getting along well, but miss their sister.


This story is on hold. I am playing in Pleasantview now.

Chapter 06 – Finding Love

Arielle still spends a lot of her time in her vegetable garden and planting flowers.


The quads dancing together and having fun.


After school one day they each brought a friend home from school and had a little party. I don’t remember who that old man was. This is when Yzidor met Sarah Macarevich.


Later that evening they sat outside talking alone.


They really hit it off.


Before going to bed that night, he played a game of Poker with his parents. His mind was always on Sarah though.


Arielle, Yen, Lila and Andrew played Poker together.


Later that night Lila finds Andrew and Yen together in bed. She was furious.


She screamed at Yen. Yen was speechless. He hadn’t meant to lead her on. He thought she had moved on as well.


That night Andrew played Poker with Arielle. At the same time he told her he really cared for Yen and didn’t want to cause any problems in the family. She still isn’t convinced that Yen in gay, she believes if Andrew would just step away her son would find himself.


Yzidor and Sarah have a date.


Yzidor gives pointers to Sarah on how to shoot some hoop.


Bayley still loves to practice her Ballet.


Yen is now finally an adult.


He is still dating Andrew.


Andrew is often over at Yen’s house.


Bien falls for a guy she met in school, Eric Seavy.


It wasn’t long before Bien started missing her periods. She confided to her father about it.


When her mother found out she gave her the silent treatment. Bien was very uncomfortable, but thankful at least she could talk to her father.


Lila started coming around again, and finally Yen sat with her and told her the truth about being in love with Andrew. She admitted to him that she always thought she’d marry him.


Summer finally arrived and they got rid of their ice skating rink and got a swimming pool. Here’s a few shots of Bayley enjoying the new pool.


Bayley under water.


The pool is shaped like a Club.


Arielle also loves to swim with Bayley. It is quite fun and refreshing.


07 March 2009

Bloopers, Candids, & Bugs

Here are some bloopers & bugs / glitches that happened while playing The Sims 2. Explanations above each snapshots if needed.

A floating infant baby. There was no bed there. He wanted to cry so he laid the baby on the floor and the baby floated there.


The toddler fell asleep while peeing.


The twins just had their birthdays and grew up at the same time. They seem shocked by their appearance and I don’t blame them! The legs in the back isn’t someone who hung himself, it’s just a child jumping on the bed.


Playing Peek-a-Boo with a ghost?


Sharon Wirth didn't even open the door, she just walked through it. You can see part of her left arm and her right leg are still on the other side of the door.

"He's behind me, isn't he?" Victor Aspir and his son, Parker.

I had the game paused and found Bien like this. She was making the bed.


I was using a hack pose that I downloaded, and her face kept changing and making weird expressions.


When they play Poker, their eyes keep doing these weird movements. I don’t know why.


“Kiss me baby” – She was whistling and he was dancing. Their mouths are ugly when they whistle.