02 July 2008

Chapter 6 - 2 Weddings, 2 Funerals & a Baby

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Baylie spent a lot of time painting once she got home.

Nanny Karen started dating the Headmaster BJ. He's much younger than her, but they are very happy and have a lot of fun together.

Tristian started coming by to see Baylie, but at first she acted nonchalant.

Eventually she accepted to go out to diner with him.

She began to see the Tristian she had first fallen in love with again and not the cheating Tristian.

He was treating her like his queen and pampering her with romance.

When he proposed, she didn't hesitate to accept.

Nanny Karen also got engaged to BJ around that time.

Nanny Karen and BJ got married outside with the whole family present.

For a wedding gift, Baylie painted their portrait.

They were like two little children when they were together. Playing and laughing and loving.

But sadly, when she turned 71, Nanny Karen passed away suddenly.

BJ was in shock after her death. He couldn't cope and the doctor tried to help him.

Baylie also was taking her passing very hard. There was no consoling her.

They decided to elope to get married. She didn't want a celebration. Tristian hoped that getting married would help ease her grief of loosing her Nanny.

Not long after, BJ was found dead in the bedroom that he used to share with Nanny Karen.

Baylie was pregnant, but was far from feeling happy. Too many tragedies had happened all so close together.

She gave birth to a son whom they named Cameron. [After my real life cousin's newborn baby]

Grandpa Adam helped a lot with taking care of Cameron.

Baylie imagined Nanny Karen playing with baby Cameron. She knew Nanny Karen was smiling from heaven and looking over him.

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