05 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge Rules

These rules were taken from: Aleksandria

This is a very evil challenge, so if you dont like doing bad stuff to your sims,this is not the challenge for you.
The Black Widow Challenge
1. Create a female character and give her the romance aspiration.
2.You can use the money cheat, and the move objects on to fix any bugs.
Those are the only cheats that are allowed in the challenge.
3.Make your romance sim fall in love with a townie or any other NCP.Have your female sim fall in love with them
and have them move in. Make her fall in love with another one (Affair time!!!!).Get caught cheating.
After this, kill the first sim that moved into your house,and make your new affair
move in with you. Repeat this over again until you have 10 graves or more.
*The challenge ends for you if the female sim is scared to death by one of the ghosts
of your former affairs.*

*50 for every affair you successfully end in death.
*30 for every different ghost that appears
*50 for every partner killed by Ghost.
*30 for each kid that has a different dad
*5 for every Lesbian affair
*30 If caught cheating "Wohooing"
*5 If cuaght cheating in any other way.
*50 if partner died in Platinium Asp.
*40 if partner died with -100 in the relationship bar with your sim.
*100 Achieving more that 15 graves.
*10 points per grave.
*20 each time asp. bar goes platinium
*2 per each time slapped

-100 If your sim is killed by a ghost thus ending challenge
-40 for every partner that dies naturally.
-30 for every kid taken away by the Social worker.
-50 each time aspiration bar goes red
-5 for fire,burglary,gnome stolen or slapped by neighbors for spying.
-50 If Ghost is a helpful ghost(cleaning the house,etc)
-50 If your sim breaks down.
-50 If partner abducted by alien and pregnant.
-20 If alien baby is born
-10 if partner is killed by starvation
-20 If wohoo rejected
-30 if moving in rejected

View Mine HERE.

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  1. The problem with this Challenge is that it is too painful (for me) to go through the process of causing a Sim to die.

    Other than the "Run with Scissors" death, what would you recommend as the quickest (and least "painful" ;-) method of killing off the husband Sim?