15 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge – Chapter 10


Continuing where we left off, Jess Shaikh just passed away after being scared to death by Corey’s ghost. Ivory is left once again alone with her kids, well not for long, as always.


She asks Trevor Deppiesse to move in. I forget what his job was and I didn’t write it down.


They both have green eyes, so their baby should have green eyes. She is pregnant again. [I only changed his hair. I don’t have much good looking hair for males, hehe.]


Jesmin grows into a toddler. She is some cute. I don’t know why her eyes are that small, I don’t remember Jess's eyes so small and neither are Ivory’s, but she is really cute like this.


Ivory invites her new close friend, Matthew Picaso over.


It wasn’t long before Trevor caught her cheating in bed with Matthew Picaso.


He slapped her angrily.


But she won’t be making Matthew move in. Trevor will be her last victim.


It’s still hard to sleep upstairs tonight because of the ghosts. Colt goes to sleep on the lounger in the living room.


Tobias just gives up going back to sleep for a while and daydreams in bed.


Tobias grows into a teenager. Another monkey in the family!

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Cordell is now a child. So far he is the cutest boy of all 9 boys. But then again his father was the cutest of them all, Corey McCullough.


A friend of the boys came over after school, when Ivory went to tell him to leave later, she actually kissed him. He is a teenager and she isn’t even close to him at all. That was weird.


Cordell went to sleep with his mother because of all the ghosts upstairs, but a ghost still managed to come wake him up there.


Then later Ivory woke up and went to labour in the middle of the night. A lesson not to make a baby too late at night because then the baby is born at that time.


She gave birth to another girl! She named her Treasure because her father’s name is Trevor. She now has 2 girls and 9 boys. This is her 10th and final birth.


Colt and Tobias finally leave to move in with their brothers. [The glitch is gone now. I think it was because there was a clone sim stuck on my lot and I managed to unstick it]


Ivory is left with the remaining last 4 kids. Syn, Cordell, Jesmin, and Treasure.


They decided to start building a pool. The water froze overnight and Trevor stepped on it.


The water wasn’t frozen enough and he fell in the pool. The social bunny joined him. Now they are in a dangerous situation because there is no ladder to get out!


He screamed for help for quite some time. But no one came to his rescue.


No one but … death. No worries, the bunny didn’t drown. He just jumped up and left after Trevor died.


Ivory has accomplished her insane mission. She had 10 lovers and murdered them all.


Here lies 11 past lovers. 10 of them she successfully had moved in and murdered herself after having their kids. In memory of: Johnson, Albhijeet, Quinten, Joe, Cooper, Xavier, Toby, Sinjin, Corey, Jess, and Trevor. May they continue to haunt her house and dreams and one day scare her to death.



+1271 – previous chapters

+50 – affair ended in death

+30 – Treasure has a different dad.

+5 – caught cheating

+10 – For new grave

+2 – got slapped

Total: 1368 final points

*I will be posting another chapter to show pictures of the kids grown up.


  1. It's a bit sad to see her story end. I'll be checking the 'where are they now' snippets.

    BTW, Tobias is absolutely fugly! You might want to try using him for an uglacy.

    Oh, I don't think I've noticed, but what expansion packs do you use?

  2. Thanks for following the story. It was nice to have some feedback and tips.
    Yes, I think Tobias is the ugliest in the family. I never tried an uglacy challenge yet. If I do, he will surely come handy.

    I am thinking of doing the widow challenge again with one of her sons and do it with a man instead. I might use Cordell and change his skin and eyes. They all ended up having her skin and now I find it plastic looking, and he has default eyes.

    The expansion packs I use are Nightlife, University, Seasons, and FreeTime. I do have Pets, but I don't have it installed. I had to reformat my laptop and I didn't bother installing that one. I find that too much expansions slows down the game.

    Which ones do you use? And have you done any challenges or planning to?