10 December 2009

Serial Killer Challenge Part 2

With one woman locked up in his shed, a hostage lover and a baby to take care of, Red was kept busy. However he didn’t know the first thing about taking care of a baby and Jenny was too depressed to be of much help.


Then Celeste and Trista started dropping by his house much too often. They were still doing a search on finding Jenny Smith, and now they were also looking for Jessica Ebadi. He hated their unexpected visits! He told them he had no idea where either one of them was, but they kept asking questions.


He lured them both to the shed. They were curious as to what he wanted to show them.


Then Red looked at me as if to say: Why are you making me do this? … Needless to say, he locked both new victims in the shed with Jessica.


But it didn’t stop there. Holly Anderson dropped by…


Then Olive Specter…


He wasn’t going to do anything to them until they began hanging around and snooping. Just like the others.


And just like the others, he took them in the shed.


The others were hungry, tired, and scared. Holly and Olive asked what was going on and Red told them he had to keep them there in order to protect his family. Then he left them all there. Locked.


There was a weird looking cow plant in the shed, but no one dared to approach it.


It was bad enough that they were all suffering, but Olive managed to make it worse. She was a very grouchy person and kept fighting with others.


They would fall on the floor sleeping. Exhausted. Jessica Ebadi was the first to die.


Fear made Olive worse. She attacked anyone who hadn’t fallen asleep.


Then a second died; Trista Shaw.


And at the same moment, Celeste Reeves also died.


Joseph Black was walking by when he heard some strange noise coming from the shed. He decided to inspect it. [Joseph Black is an offspring of my Black Widow Challenge]


He was about to leave to get help when Red found him.


The next thing he knew, Red had shoved Joseph in the shed and locked him there with the remaining two women. The placed reeked of human waste.


As Holly gasped to breathe, she told him of the others that had also been there and had died. Red had apparently burned their bodies then he had placed the urns in the shed among them.


Then Holly collapsed to her own death.



  1. I think this challenge would have been best done the TS3. I don't know, it seems perfect for it, except, the lack of some of your favorite hacks, may deter you. However, it would have been funny so see how so many people with different personalities, would have reacted.

    Red seems to be one of the needy, kind of disgustingly twisted, guys out there, but he seems very weak. If this wasn't the Sims, the women would have escaped long before...of course, he would have probably shot them before they had the chance.

  2. I added some Ram on my laptop but they couldn't update my video card, so I don't like playing The Sims 3. But I can see what you mean with the different personalities it would be more interesting. I will have to do it on there when I get a better computer.
    Yeah, I'm thinking a small blow to the head could knock him out cold hehehe