25 August 2008

Bloopers, Candids, & Bugs

Here are some bloopers that happened while playing The Sims 2. Explanations below each snapshots if needed.
Click the image to see them larger.

Sharon Wirth didn't even open the door, she just walked through it. You can see part of her left arm and her right leg are still on the other side of the door.

"He's behind me, isn't he?"
Victor Aspir and his son, Parker.

Make Overs - Desiderata Valley 0.1

Here are some Make Overs I've Made in the Desiderata Valley on the Sims 2. Desiderata is a new neighborhood that comes with the Freetime EP.

In these Make Overs I was using Skin Collection #2 - defaults by Enayla and the eyes were a default as well and I don't remember which ones now. Anyway, I changed my default skins because I found it was way to shiny/glowy, on the nose and cheek areas. They all seem to have pointy noses, especially the darker skin tones. I am in the process of making new Make Overs and I will post those when they are ready.

I mostly use the Make Over / Change Appearance. I rarely use the Face lift, however sometimes I use it for minor surgeries.

The Aspir Family
Victor Aspir [Husband]

Elizabeth Aspir [Wife]

Pauline Aspir [Daughter] Luis Aspir [Paternal Grandfather]
I didn't make any changes to Luis.

Natasha Una [Lives Alone. Luis Aspir's Cousin]

John Mole [Lives Alone]

The Bell Family
Issac Bell [Husband]

Hannah Bell [Wife]

Daniel Bell [Son]

Sharon Wirth [Hannah's Sister]

All the "before" icons for the Bell Family in the images were taken from Skasimlaki: A Virtual State in the Sims 2 Universe because I forgot to take before snapshots before I made the make overs.

06 August 2008

7 New Dresses for Adult Females

If you recolor or edit my textures, a link back to me is required if you offer them for download.
Don't use on Paysites.

This dress comes in 4 different colors and only uses Maxis based mesh, so no need to have any EP installed for these to work.
All dresses fit on Adult Females and show up in Every Day/Casual wear.



Here are 3 different styled dresses. The red dress requires the EP Nightlife for it to show up in your game. The other 2 requires nothing else but the Sims 2.

Happy Simming ^_o