18 December 2009

Serial Killer Challenge Part 6 – Final

Red helped a lot with the kids, that’s the only good thing he’d ever done for Jenny.


Jenny was teaching Samuel since he was loosing so much time from school. Red didn’t like to send him to school.


Maria and Marie are growing. Turns out Maria’s hair wasn’t black, but a dark red.


When Red starts screaming at Jenny, the kids run outside to cry. Although their father tells them that Jenny deserves it when she doesn’t listen to him, the kids feel bad for their mother.


Samuel grows into a teenager. He still misses a lot of school because his father doesn’t like him going. Samuel has always known that his father doesn’t trust anyone and he had never questioned why. He was just used to it.


Maria was more outgoing and although Samuel warned her never to approach people, she still would at times. This time she approached Vicky Hourvitz as she was walking by.


Maria even invited Vicky inside. When Red noticed that Vicky was there he got angry at Jenny for letting her in.


Red told Vicky to leave. He made up an excuse, then he lead her outside.


Of course he lured her into the shed of death.


Jenny started to stay more focus now. Tried to pay attention to what was going on in order catch Red slipping so she could escape. But she couldn’t leave the kids with him. Finally, she got her chance and sneaked outside without him noticing. She was lucky to find a couple walking by. She called them over and asked for their help. She tried to explain that she was being kept hostage.


The man was kind enough to give hand her his cell phone for her to call for help while he went to the door.


Red had no idea that the door was unlocked when suddenly the couple walked in.


Finally the cops arrived. Jenny wasn’t scared anymore. She felt more awake than she’d felt in years. Finally she could focus and see more clearly.


Red didn’t fight it. He just quietly followed the authority to the police car.


Oh Gawd!! The woman from the couple who helped Jenny went to the shed without me realizing it. When I did, it was too late, the Cow Plant ate her! After all the hostages Red had in the shed, she ate NO ONE, and this one wasn’t even a victim and it eats her! … lol


With Red gone, Samuel wanted to see what he kept so secret in the shed. That’s where he found Vicky. She was very weak, but he saved her in time. Later the cops came to the shed to investigate everything.


The children didn’t fully understand what their father had done. But they received counselling. The man that helped brought them a computer and often dropped by to spend time with the family to help.


Little by little Jenny was getting back her sanity and her life. She was finally free.


There was no question in her mind that she wanted to be with her children, although Red had fathered them the way he had. She wanted to bring something good of the ugly things he did. Her next plan is to remodel the house so that no memories of Red remains.


I will more than likely post picture updates of the family in the future.


  1. Thanks, I didn't follow the rules at all for this challenge, but it was still fun doing it.