10 November 2010

My Adoption Challenge - Part 02

Phail has to hire a Nanny for when she’s home from work as well. She helps a lot with the children but she never cleans. But it’s still a big help for Phail who is constantly struggling.


Chocolate is now a toddler. Phail is so tired all the time.


She tries to catch up on her sleep while the Nanny takes care of the children.


she keeps waking up because of the children so she brings her bed outside since she can’t afford more walls.


Apple grows up and will likely help a lot now.


Whenever something needs to be cleaned, Apple cleans it without complaining.


Berrie is only a day younger than Apple. She is so pretty.


Phail received a promotion and is now a substitute teacher. She was able to afford to build walls for the bathroom. Berrie is so happy to be able to take a bath in private.


Chocolate is also now a grown child. He is so white that his sister’s call him White Chocolate.


It wasn’t easy but Phail can finally afford to adopt another baby after her promotion. And now that the children can help more around the house it should be easier. She adopts her 4th baby, another boy she names Durian.


The following day she adopts another boy she names Eclair.


Phail can catch up on things while the older children help around the house and take care of their own needs.


But it’s still far from easy for everyone and Berrie takes time out of her homework to try to catch some fish for dinner.


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