24 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Calientes

For twins, Nina and Dina aren’t close. They may live together, but their relationship is not so friendly.


Mortimer stopped by to see Dina and Nina took the opportunity to engage in a conversation with him. Seeing this, Dina rushed towards them.


Dina interrupted the conversation and greeted Mortimer warmly.


That evening they watching TV together. Mortimer however, kept talking about things that didn’t interest Dina. But she pretended to be listening.


All of a sudden a burglar arrived! Just like that!


The burglar took the exercise machine. Dina and Nina are almost broke, and now this happens! [Mortimer freaked out and ran outside with Dina. He is through the door jam]


Dina hurried to call the police as the burglar ran away.


The police arrived fairly quick, however there was nothing they could do. The burglar was already gone. She advised Dina to install an alarm.


Mortimer is no Knight in shinning armour, is he? He started to cry after the police left.


The next day Dina had to pay some bills. She was really worried about their financial situation.


She invited Darren Dreamer over. She planned to try to seduce him, as Don had asked her to. She figured it wouldn’t be hard.


But when she made an advance on him to flirt, he drew away and told her not to do that. Nina didn’t know Dina’s plan, but she found the scene truly amusing to watch.


She wondered what would happen if she invited Mortimer over. He would get there to find Dina with Darren.


Mortimer agreed to stop by. Nina was pleased. She couldn’t wait to see what would happen when he walked in the house. She knew Dina was waiting desperately for him to ask her to marry him. Why would she go and flirt with Darren? It served her right to have Mortimer find out.


Mortimer walked in and headed towards the sofa where Dina and Darren were watching TV.


When Dina saw him she stood up to greet him happily and told him she was thinking about calling to invite him over.


As Nina was trying to figure out why Dina had Darren over, Dina was engaged in a conversation with Mortimer.


She spent the evening with Mortimer watching TV and listening to him talk on and on again.


Later, when Mortimer left, she went to join Darren in the Jacuzzi. He never made any advances towards her. She found it odd since usually men were falling for her.


Nina got a job as a dance instructor and was promoted to backup dancer. She truly enjoyed her job.


Dina kept wanting to have a car, so she took the little money she had and bought herself one.


Don dropped by one afternoon to see how things were going.


As they headed towards the house, they didn’t notice that Cassandra was walking by.


Cassandra watched as Don and Dina went inside. She wondered why he’d be there.


Dina was having a drink with Don as they discussed how Darren was hard to seduce, as Nina walked in.


The three of them in the same room was bound to get awkward. But Don acted cool and just went on talking.


Suddenly Nina approached Don and started flirting with him and Don wasn’t stopping her. Dina couldn’t believe her eyes.


She got angry at him, and he told her to calm down. Nina was enjoying this scene all the more. Why would Dina care?


Dina told him that if he was going to “play” with Nina, then he should ask her to seduce Darren then. Don told her to stop making a big deal of it, but she was furious at him.


Dina had thought that she had been the only one whom Don had an affair with. She had figured if they married Mortimer and Cassandra, they could then leave them and get half their money, then live together richly ever after.


After Dina left them alone, Nina asked what that was all about. Don told her about that night when Dina got drunk and what he had asked her to do, and that he had ended up sleeping with her. Nina thought it was funny that Dina would assume that she’d get Don all to herself. Her sister was even more pathetic than she had thought.


End of this Part.


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  1. I like Nina (the red head), too much makeup, but she seems to have morals, even though, it's a tad spiteful. Can't wait to read her story...people seem to forget her the most.

  2. I added a lot of makeup on her because she's a "love sim". I should be going into her house soon. I will try not to forget her.