27 January 2008

Chapter 2 - Surviving With Love

Ave gave birth to a daughter whom they named Brella. She had to take a leave of absence from work and Adam only was an intern at a drive-tru restaurant, so money was tight.

They couldn't afford much for baby Brella, she didn't even have a proper crib. But they used whatever worked.

Within the year they finally had enough to have the crib, and before they knew it it was already her birthday.

[Brella wasn't the cutest toddler. That often happens when user created Sims have kids.]
Ave wanted to go back to work, but they didn't know if they could afford a Nanny for Brella.

They finally found a Nanny that was willing to watch Brella and she wasn't asking for a big salary. Her name was Karen Gast. She lived alone and had never married.

Just as things were starting to go better financially, Ave learned that she was pregnant again.

Adam was happy about the news, and plus he had just got a promotion from work and an increase in his salary. He had been working as a waiter and had been promoted to Sous Chef making $812.

Nanny Karen often stayed later than she had to and helped with Brella and the housework.

Their second daughter is born. They named her Baylie.

Brella was growing up to be beautiful and intelligent. She loves school and every day Adam helps her with her homework.

They saved every money they could to build an extension upstairs to make Brella a bedroom so she didn't have to sleep with her parents anymore, or on the couch. But they still couldn't afford any wallpaper, nor paint. Just the bed and floor.

One night a burglar stole their Television and their dresser, then a fire broke out outside out of nowhere, they figured it was the burglar. The burglar got away as soon as he heard sirens.

They later had to sell the computer to make ends meet. They were having trouble paying their bills and groceries. One day all they had left was $11! They couldn't even think of building a room for Baylie, so her crib and changing table were in the living room.

But Brella didn't mind. She loved to read and do her homework.

At times Nanny Karen would surprise them and bring them some food. One day she even made them lobster!

Thanks to Nanny Karen, Ave was able to get back to work sooner than expected. She was a lobbyist and making $504.

They were quite popular in town and often had people dropping by for a visit or just to hang out.

Baylie was growing fast, but like her sister she wasn't any trouble. Her crib was still in the living room, but even with all their visitors she still managed to sleep.

With their extra salary, they finally worked on Brella's bedroom and bought her new toys.

Kendal Lawson, a friend of Nanny Karen would often drop by to spend time with Karen since Nanny Karen would put a lot of overtime.

Nanny Karen was so often at their house that Ave asked her if she'd want to move there. Nanny Karen accepted although she'd have to sleep on the couch for the time being.

21 January 2008

A Refresher

I am continuing the story of Adam & Ave. You can see the first chapter HERE. Since this was in 2007, I will paste the rules I am using again here.
I created a custom town and started only with two adult Sims.

I have set a few rules.

The first 2 Sims must be male & female. I decided to use 2 Sims in which I downloaded from modthesims2.com
Saul by Rock Chick - Whom I called Adam Legacy
Kim Bassinger by Vera Marina - Whom I called Ave Legacy

One child will continue the legacy. Even if they have more than one child, I can only choose one.

The offspring that I choose can marry anyone he/she chooses. Even ones I create or downloaded ones. This is because I find townies boring.

Since the first two adults starts with A, their kids will start with a B, and the B's kid's will start with a C and so on. Usually names I make up that pops up in my head randomly, lol.

And since I can only use one offspring, in order not to get too confused and end up with too many Sims on my hands, I might let the offspring I don't choose get into some fatal "accidents", mwhahaha...

I can't use the cheat code for the money. They must work for for anything they want and need.

To choose their aspiration, I use a dice, this way it's more of a challenge. Adam is a Popularity Sim, and so is Ave!! This should be fun - NOT! Adam's lifetime want is to be a Culinary Chef, and Ave's lifetime want is to be the Mayor. If you want to see the house I started them with and the first Chapter, go to year 2007 in the archive.

With that said, Here is Chapter 2........ [in this blog you have to scroll down to see the older posts, so chapter two starts above this one]

20 January 2008

Small Update On What I Use

For those who want info on what I am using.

I download a lot of custom stuff from modthesims2.com

Hacks - Game Modifications I use:
Expansion Packs I have:
  • Nightlife
  • University
  • Pets