24 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Goths Part 2

When Mortimer invited Dina over, she was really happy to go. They had seen each other more often lately, and finally he was inviting her over to his house. When she got there she noticed Don with Cassandra outside. She was annoyed, but delighted that Mortimer would invite her over while his daughter and soon to be son in law were there.


He brought her inside then took her into his arms and kissed her deeply.


Then he took her for a stroll outside, that’s when Alexander hit her with a water balloon. She came close to cursing him, but she held back.


Instead she decided to join in and threw one at him back.


Meanwhile, Don was watching Cassandra play the piano. He was bored after a while. He would have much preferred to watch her strip on top of the piano. He decided to cut the evening short.


Dina was coming on strongly at Mortimer. She knew he had fallen for her and she wanted him to see what he could get.


The good thing was that Mortimer wasn’t bad looking for his 64 years.


He suddenly stopped her and stood up. He told her he had put a lot of thoughts into something, and he felt it was time to ask her.


When he got down on one knee, she felt so delighted she thought she’d faint. He seemed to go on and on telling her how he felt for her.


Then finally he introduced the engagement ring and asked if she’d marry him.


She felt dizzy as she admired the ring. She had never seen such a beautiful expensive ring before. And it was all hers!


She jumped into his arms and said she’d be happy to marry him.


When he started talking about having a family with her, and having more kids, she felt dizzy again. This time it wasn’t a good dizzy. She never planned on having children. She never considered that he would want more at his age. But she just nodded and went along. She figured she’d just continue her birth control pills after they married, and he’d think she was having a hard time conceiving.



  1. I just took a notice of Mortimer's face. He actually looks good, even if he's making the worst mistake he could possible make...guess being old and a genius doesn't necessarily make you wise.

  2. I changed his white eyebrows to black, and I put a CC mustache on him that wasn't as thick as his original one. And you are right, I guess being old and smart doesn't mean automatically wise, hehe. I feel bad for him, but I try to follow their wants as close as I can.