17 May 2009

Son of a Black Widow – Chapter 01

Intro: This is The Black Widow Challenge continued with one of her sons, Cordell Black. You can read the Black Widow Challenge Rules here.

Like his mother, Cordell is a Romancer, and has no points in the Nice personality and only one in playful.

Cordell as a child and a teenager:


Cordell’s parents, the late Corey McCullough, and Ivory Black.

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I changed Cordell’s skin. I felt the other one looked too plastic, however I’m not sure if the choice I made was better. I also gave him a different eye set, but remained them blue.

Here is Cordell’s house. I used motherload to build it, and left him with 1 thousand dollars.


Cordell wants to find a girlfriend, so he goes online and chats with women.


People drop by to welcome him into his new home. His mother, Ivory, is amongst them. Nervous Subject also came, but I soon made him leave because he was way too moody and kept trying to pick a fight. Cordell tried to be nice with the blonde woman, but she wasn’t easy to talk to.


Cordell’s brother, Tobias walked by and Cordell went to greet him. As a grown man, Tobias is even uglier, although I didn’t think it could be possible.


Cordell fixed sandwiches and does some catching up with his mother. She tells him that his two younger sisters, Jesmin and Treasure, are still living with her.


The blonde woman, [whom I forget her name and changed her hair], wasn’t attracted to Cordell, but she sees little hearts when she looks at Tobias. Wow, Tobias, don’t miss your once in a lifetime chance! Maybe she just likes his purple shirt and plaid shorts.


Cordell invited some women that he met online. This one wasn’t attracted to him either.


This woman was so hungry that she ate from the garbage can. I had never seen this before. Needless to say, Cordell wasn’t interested in her.


This one wasn’t as bad, but Cordell wasn’t interested.


Then he met her, Sandy Latourneau. She was sweet and smart and they were both attracted to each other.


They flirted the evening away and talked as though they had always known each other.


He just couldn’t get enough of her and always wanted her to be near him.


When he asked her to marry him, she happily said yes. [For some reason the "move in” option wasn’t showing up, only the Engagement did.]


They got married quietly and started their life together as man and wife. Sandy is a Scholar making $896 and moved in with $12 thousand. She also brought along a vide game, a television and some flower arrangements, that were in her inventory.


Sandy being a Knowledge, she wanted a telescope. At nights they both love to go outside to look at the sky and do some stargazing.


Ugghh! Mr. Curious caught him looking towards his house with the telescope and came over angrily. Time to switch the telescope’s direction.


Cordell’s brother, Albert, came by for a visit and they played video games together.


His brother Quinn also came by for a visit.


They also played video games. Sandy is now pregnant and constantly tired. She was napping in the living room but the video game woke her up so she went to sleep in her bed.


When she woke up she cooked some pork chops and Quinn stayed for diner.


The first time Cordell saw Abbey Kalson he was immediately attracted to her looks. He found so sexy and couldn’t keep his eyes off her.


He tried to not show his feelings, but he found himself being around her often and he’d often tease her.


When he found out she felt the same way, he couldn’t fight his urge anymore.


Sandy caught them in bed together. They had just Woohooed and fell asleep.


She didn’t bother slapping him, probably because he was sleeping by the time she ran in the room. But she was very angry at them.


Then when Abbey got up she started playing video games in her underwear, right in front of Sandy! No respect at all.


Sandy gave birth to a son, they named him Sander. He has his father’s blue eyes. [I hope I won’t get a shit load of boys again, I hate cheating on the births, lol.]


She refused to sleep in the same bed as Cordell. She was much too angry at him, and not to blame.


But she loved her son and spent her time taking care of him. It helped to keep her mind off of what Cordell had done.


Late one night she decided to try to fix the television although she had no mechanical skills.


She got electrocuted and died. [I don’t know why she isn’t all covered with black smoke.]


Cordell was left alone to take care of baby Sander. He cried often after she died.

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He built a cemetery in the backyard and had her buried there.



  1. So this' another Black Widow...ah..Widower Challenge. Cordell's so hot, and nice choice on the new skin...it makes him look so much better.

    Double Standards have to apply...I don't think, a guy can be forgiven for offing his partners...he's a guy...it was obviously his fault.

  2. Glad you like the skin better. I really didn't like the other one.
    lol, true he will probably get the chair.
    I really felt like continuing the challenge with one of her sons. I also want to make the asylum challenge, that sounds like fun. I prefer smaller challengers. I tried Legacies and they are way too long and I get bored.

  3. Anonymous2:19 AM AST

    I am trying the black widower challenge.... and GRR it is freaking hard!!

  4. Yes it can be hard but it's doable.