27 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Goths

Cassandra laid in bed awake late that night after she met Darren Dreamer. She was now torn in what to do. She decided she’d have to postpone her wedding with Don for now.


When her father told her he was engaged to Dina Caliente, Cassandra thought it would be the perfect excuse to postpone her wedding to Don. Since everything was ready in the backyard for a wedding, she told her father to use it first.

On her father’s wedding day, Don and Nina showed up.


Alexander had taken a day off from school to be at his father’s wedding.


It was a nice sunny day, so they all ate outside after the wedding. Then Mortimer and Dina went of for their honeymoon.


The next day Cassandra watched as Don was trying to impress her father. He really tried to make Mortimer like him, but Mortimer just didn’t.


Things like grabbing Cassandra’s butt in front of her father didn’t help Mortimer to be impressed with Don.


Then it happened… Don made a flirtatious pass at Dina. He didn’t think anyone had seen.


Cassandra slapped Dina in anger.


Then she yelled angrily at Don. How could he do such a stupid thing? In reality she was sort of glad it happened because it helped her to make her decision as to whether she should marry him or not.


What really angered her was the fact that it had been with her father’s new wife. What little chance of Mortimer liking Don had now vanished.


Cassandra didn’t loose no time in telling Don that she was breaking up with him.


He pleaded for her to reconsider. He told her it wasn’t a big deal, he hadn’t even done it seriously. He was just teasing. But she wouldn’t hear any of it.


Dina went to Mortimer and told him she was shocked at Don’s advance and that she felt embarrassed.


She told him she would rather die than to hurt him. Mortimer hadn’t seen the actual flirting, so he had no choice but to believe his new wife that she hadn’t provoked him and had stopped him.


Dina warned Cassandra to stop telling her father that she had flirted with Don. She told her that Don had made the move, not her.


Dina didn’t like Cassandra, to say the least and she was happy that she wasn’t going to marry Don after all. She knew that now Don would want her because she was married to money.


Later Dina went in Cassandra’s bedroom and started snooping around.


When Darren called Cassandra up, she asked him to come over.


When he arrived she told him everything that had just happened and that her engagement to Don was off.


Darren didn’t loose any time and proposed to her.


Alexander is now a teenager. He is a very bright kid and just loves to play the piano constantly.



  1. Hmm, I should feel sorry for Cassandra, and angry at Don, right? Nope, no such feeling...I've always considered them umm, friends with benefits, so, I like this ending.

    However, I do not like Dina...is it me, or does she look like an evil stepmother?

  2. Dina didn't like Cassandra even before the Don thing happened. It's weird. I am seeing her as an evil stepmother, it's hard not to. lol