23 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Goths Part 1

Cassandra was in a panic, it was her wedding day and they were running behind. Her fiancé Don hadn’t even arrived yet.


Finally Don got there. Mortimer asked Don where he had been, in an accusing way. Mortimer didn’t trust Don Lothario.


Don ignored Mortimer’s accusation glare and apologized to Cassandra for being late. Of course she forgave him. She was head over heals in love with him.


They were trying to get everything ready, but something always seemed to go wrong. A few of the invited guests called to cancel because of emergencies, the cake hadn’t arrived yet, even her grandparent’s ghosts all came out to spook them.


Even Alexander, who’s usually quiet, kept disrupting and interrupting them. [Weirdly I clicked for them to get married and all were in place. Then Alexander just walked up to Don and told him a joke and the wedding just stopped and didn’t happen. I don’t know why.]


Cassandra had wanted the perfect wedding and it was all going wrong. She asked Don if they could put off the date to another week. He assured her it was ok.


Then her grandmother’s ghost came peeking through her to spook Don.


After her father and brother went to bed, Cassandra and Don enjoyed a cozy evening in front of the fire. Cassandra was very disappointed about how things had went, so Don kept reassuring her that everything was going to be fine.


She then lead him upstairs to her bedroom and cuddled with him on the bed.


For a while things got hot, but he stopped, knowing she had wanted to wait until their wedding night. She pleaded for him to stay the night, but he refused, telling her she’d regret it and that it would make their wedding night all the more special.


Mortimer kept earning for a telescope and finally he bought one. He used to fear telescopes because it was said that was the last place his wife Bella had been seen over at Don Lothario’s telescope before she disappeared and never was heard of again. But now he was actually enjoying this little toy.


Then his fun stopped when Nina dropped by to tell him to stop snooping through her bedroom window with the telescope.


End of Part 1


  1. That's a lot of updates...you've been busy.

    Cassandra, word of advice, wait, wait, and wait...then wait some more. I'm glad Don's respecting her wishes, but I worry for his health. He hasn't contracted any disease, right? And Cassandra's grandmother's a hoot! She's protecting her grandbaby...gotta love her.

  2. Your comments always makes me smile, but this one made me laugh out loud. You are funny.
    I didn't know why at the time that the wedding didn't happen, but I did a search on it and it's because they're relationship wasn't high enough.
    Now I am not sure if they ever will get married.
    The way I play it, I try to fulfill their wants, and other than that I try to let them go free will. That way the story unfolds for me.