10 December 2009

Serial Killer Challenge part 3

Meanwhile Samuel was growing and he looked exactly like his father. In fact he even looked like Chucky!


A face that only a mother could love…


Jenny did love her son. He was the only thing that she looked forward to everyday. But she felt she was slowly loosing her sanity being trapped by Red. He watched her every move and screamed at her when she left the curtains open or walked close to the window.


Meanwhile in the shed, Olive Specter died, leaving Joseph alone.


Joseph’s brother, Nickson Black dropped by. He was looking for his brother he said. This area was the last place he’d been seen, he explained.


Although Red told him he hadn’t seen Joseph, Nickson hung around with his girlfriend Margaret Howe.


Red lured them in the shed. Just as he locked them in, Joseph was laying down dying.


Nickson passed away when a ghost scared him literally to death.


Red now had 7 urns. He was starting to feel proud of his collection.


Margaret was left alone and when Red came in the shed, she pleaded for him to let her go. She said she’d do anything he wanted. He promised to think about it and would let her know.


Meanwhile Red had cut Jenny’s hair. He got her some different clothes that he found in the attic. She had grown pale with time and had dark circles under her eyes.


Then she got pregnant again. She tried not to face this fact. Telling herself that it was all the waffles and syrup that Red kept forcing her to eat in order to fatten her up. At least she didn’t remember the rape this time, since Red drugged her every night so that she wouldn’t wake up while he slept.



  1. That's really Jenny? She looks like something that just got released from the mental institute. No...cross that, she looks like she's missing some chromosomes. Either way, she looks pretty insane.

  2. Yeah, I took off all her makeup and added some dark circles under her eyes. I'd be going insane too if I was forced to live with Red heheh