21 January 2010

Homeless Challenge – Chapter 3

Although they have the Juicer, I am not experienced on how to use it so they rarely use it. I had to read about it online today to find out what I was doing wrong. I was only adding cucumbers this winter and I think cucumbers alone won’t do anything.


It’s a good thing they had a lot of fish stocked up while the pond was frozen.


Trenton finally started painting again. For a few days after he was cured of Plantsim, his motive bar was fully red no matter how full his motives were.


Since the floor is made of dirt, whenever the cheap shower leaks, weeds are growing inside.


Precious is now a toddler. She obviously has Marilyn’s eyes because she has some makeup on. Marilyn’s skin was custom made for her.


Whenever Precious wakes up and cries it wakes both parents since they’re all in the same room.


They bought a cheap bathtub but had to leave it outside since there was no place to put it inside.


Marilyn found out she was pregnant again. They were happy about it. They know they can manage.


Precious is growing up.


She doesn’t mind bathing outdoors. She grew up this way and it’s normal for her.


She’s now old enough to help in the garden.


Marilyn gave birth to another girl whom they named Cherish.



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  2. How could such a cute baby turn into that?

    I've been curious, you always take close up shots, so how's your neighborhood set up? I can tell you're playing Strangetown (I saw Lazlo in one of the shots). So can you take a shot of it?

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  4. I don't know how to take a shot of the neighborhood. Do I just print screen on my keyboard? I did that once then by the time I finished playing I forgot I had copied it and forgot to paste it in my paint program to save it. I can't minimize my game because it takes too long for it to load again.
    I play all my challenge in strangetown.