20 April 2009

Pleasantview - The Pleasants

I decided to play with The Pleasants from PleasantView. I’m not really writing a story, it’s more of a journal of what is currently happening with snapshots.

Talk about a dysfunctional family! Meet Daniel, Marie-Sue, and their identical twin daughters, Lilith and Angela. Nobody seems to get along in this household.


Marie-Sue and Lilith are always going after each other. Daniel can’t even remember a happier time with his family anymore.


He wasn’t sure when it happened, but he started having an affair with their maid, Kathlyn. It was the only highlights of his day, knowing she would always be ready to spend quality time with him after her chores were done.


Angela would tell Lilith to stop being a brat so that her parents wouldn’t fight anymore. Lilith insisted that no matter what she did their mother was always after her and they always seemed to blame her whenever a fight broke out.


Lilith was upstairs on the computer with Ricky when Marie Sue barged in and started yelling at her for having brought a guy upstairs.


Lilith had had enough. She hated her mother so much at that moment for humiliating her constantly and yelling at her. That night she ran away.


Marie Sue stayed up all night waiting for Lilith to come home that night, but she never did.


Her anger turned into worry so she turned to Angela and asked her to help her in finding Lilith.


Angela spent a lot of time trying to find clues of where she might be, but everyone she’d ask would tell her they didn’t know and would let her know if they heard anything.


Angela was going steady with Dustin Broke. Her father didn’t approve so she would invite him over whenever her father was out.


Daniel hadn’t slept in the same bed as his wife in a long time. He would either sleep on the couch or in Lilith’s bed.


It was when Kathlyn started coming to spend time with Daniel on her days off that Angela finally put two and two together.


She was furious at her father and confronted him about it. Daniel defended himself by saying he was finally with someone who truly loved him.


Angela then confronted Kathlyn and accused her of ruining her parent’s relationship. Kathlyn told her that her parent’s relationship had been broken even before she came in the picture and that she made Daniel happy, unlike her mother.


When Angela told her mother, Marie Sue and Kathlyn literally fought.


But no matter how angry Angela and Marie Sue were, Daniel didn’t care anymore. And when Kathlyn told him she was going to have his baby, he couldn’t have been more happier.


After he found out she was pregnant he even made Kathlyn move in with them. She slept in Lilith’s bed. They still hadn’t heard anything from Lilith in a long time now.


Baby Sabrina was born. Daniel constantly had to keep an eye on Angela so she wouldn’t hurt neither Kathlyn or the baby. She was furious that he had moved in his mistress with them.


It was a strange arrangement, but Daniel had told Marie Sue if she wasn’t happy with the situation that she could just leave. She never did leave. She just put in more hours at work and told him she didn’t care because she didn’t love him.


Angela would just ignore Kathlyn and the baby, but at night, when everyone was asleep, she’d often sneak up to see the baby. She couldn’t help but love baby Sabrina, after all she was her half sister.


Sabrina looked a lot like her mother. Angela hadn’t seen her father so happy and he was a good father to Sabrina. It made her jealous at times, but also realized that she hadn’t given her father much choice, she’d constantly take her mother’s side and fight with him for years. [I didn’t change anything, this is how Sabrina grew into a toddler. I thought it was interesting that she has blonde hair.]


She adored her little sister and only prayed for Lilith to come back home soon to see how precious Sabrina was and that finally there was some happiness in the family.


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  1. Kaylyn has no shame. If she wanted to be with Daniel so badly, why didn't she insist on a divorce? This really pisses me off, because things like this happens where I come from...there's no such thing as a divorce.

  2. I just realized that I kept calling Kaylyn; Kathyn, hehe. I added your Pleasant link as another Pleasant story reference.