14 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge – Chapter 9


Continuing where we left off, Corey McCullough has just passed away from starvation.

Jess Shaikh moves in unemployed! Well, she must have known since he was a pizza delivery guy. I only changed Jess’ hair. He was already cute.


Syn grows up and is now a child. Not bad.


Cordell grows into a toddler. She let his hair grow so she could make him a little pony tail like his father, Corey, used to have. He’s adorable.


Colt and Tobias are constantly jumping on the beds.


Ivory is already making a new male friend on the phone.


Colt is now a teenager. He really looks like a monkey.


It’s still so hard to sleep through the nights with all the ghosts waking them up. Cooper’s ghost is really bad in waking the kids up.


He did it like 4-5 times that night!


Colt is trying to move out, but for some reason he’s not leaving! Must be a glitch. He’s a knowledge Sim and looks like a geek.


Ivory gives birth to her first baby GIRL!! She named her Jesmin. [I had taken out the triplets/quads hack, yet when she gave birth it still popped up and asked me, so again I clicked on Original, and surprisingly this time it was a girl.]


Ivory invites her new friend over; Trevor Deppiesse.This is her 10th lover, not counting Xavier since he died unexpectedly. I didn’t change his facial features, just his hair.


Jess walks in the room angrily when they were Woohooing.


Strangely he didn’t slap her. He’s the first that didn’t slap. He just turned and walked away. [I feel so sad for him in this picture. He’s so cute and looks hurt.]


Ivory doesn’t feel bad for anyone. She just makes out with Trevor again.


Corey’s ghost almost scared her to death. It’s the first night he was coming out.


Corey’s ghost did scare Jess to death. Ironically, Corey was the one who had been with Ivory when Jess came in the picture.


As death comes to get Jess, Corey’s ghost seems really happy.



+1101 – From previous Chapters.

+50 – Affair ended in death

+50 – Partner killed by ghost

+30 – Jesmin has a different dad

+30 – Caught Woohooing

+10 – For new grave

Total: 1271 Points


  1. I didn't know it was possible for a sim to get scared to death. That's hilarious!

    Colt shouldn't have any problems moving out, but check your family bin. For some strange reason, my sims won't move out if there are more than 20 families in the bin.

  2. They loose some motives when they get scared by a ghost, so if their motives are low they die instantly.

    I didn't add any families in the family bin. The only ones that are there are the ones that came with the game.

    Are teenagers able to move out on their own without being sent to College? It worked with the other teen boys when they moved out, but with Colt it's not working. I am playing again tonight so I will try again then.