11 February 2009

Chapter 04 – Is Yen Ready for Love?

Yen often goes out, he loves to meet new people. He really likes Robin Zarubin, she has such a natural beauty. But she is much older than he is and she’s not interested. However, he still admired her from afar.


One day he invited his new friend Andrew Martin over to his house and he invited Lila so she could meet him as well.


For some reason Lila acted snobbish and obviously didn’t like Andrew.


She excused herself early that day and went home.


They stayed outside, just the two of them, talking.


Yen was starting to get cold so he invited Andrew inside.


Andrew teased him and asked what his parents would say. Yen assured him that he was allowed to have friends over. Andrew just laughed and followed him inside.


It was later when they were alone that Andrew finally admitted to Yen that he was attracted to him.


Andrew was afraid he would offend or scare Yen away, but Yen assured him he was okay with it. He admitted that he was attracted to him as well.


And so, they started to make out.


It was the next day that Lila surprised him by dropping by with a gift for him. He noticed that she even had make-up on, something she usually didn’t wear.


He started getting uncomfortable when she reached out for his hand.


Then she got closer. He didn’t know how to react and was quite surprised by her new behavior. He had never thought of Lila in this way before.


His heart started racing when she went and laid down on the bed and asked him to join her. The same bed he had lain on the night before with Andrew.


He decides to go and asks her why she is acting different. She admits to him that she has been in love with him for a while.


He admits that he doesn’t know if he feels the same way. She asks him to give her a chance.


He just thinks in the moment and decides to get closer to her.


He doesn’t really think much of it at the time, and they make out and make love.


She seems content and happy afterwards and asks him to call her later, then she left to go to a class.


Later that day Arielle brings him aside to talk to him. She had noticed he had spent some time alone with Lila in the bedroom and she wanted to know if anything happened. He told her the truth on what had happened. She wasn’t happy about it, especially because she feared he would hurt Lila if he didn’t feel the same way. She asked him to not lead the girl on.


Looking at the stars that night, he wonders what he is going to do. He wonders how he really feels. He hadn’t been out looking for a relationship, he just wanted fun. He seriously didn’t want to hurt Lila. She had been his best friend his whole life. He adored her and loved her deeply as a friend, but could he fall in love with her?


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