09 June 2009

I’m Surrounded By Idiots Chapter 8

Karma is now a senior and she isn’t any prettier.


She’s still spending a lot of time with Whyatt. He’s also now a senior.


Oliver also turned into a senior.


Those two freak me out the way they often look at each other. I had to peak, she has a lightning bolt for him, and he for her as well. Yet he has none for Serena, and Serena has none for him either.


Treena often cooks for the family. She’s the only one that doesn’t just cook for herself. She actually serves the others.


Serena built herself a little garden in the backyard.


Karma is still as inappropriate as ever, even as a senior. She’ll never learn. Here she is playing kicky ball with Treena, in her underwear.


Serena decided to start looking for eligible men for Treena to meet. She was getting close to the age of getting the torch.


But Karma got a hold of Sheldon first and hogged his attention all the time, so Serena invited another guy.


But this other guy, I forgot his name, went for Jabelle, not Treena. Like her aunt Karma, Jabelle is often inappropriate.


Karma’s boyfriend, Whyatt obviously has the hots for Jabelle.


She thinks he’s just being friendly though and she thinks it’s sweet.


Jabelle spent the whole evening and part of the night with that new guy.


Karma just barges in the bathroom while Sheldon is using the toilet.


Karma has the hots for Sheldon! No wonder she’s following him around all the time.


Serena decides to look for another man for Treena. Drake looks nice and she hopes he won’t go for Karma or Jabelle instead.


Serena influenced Treena to chat with Drake. They seemed to be hitting it off alright.


I just had to post this picture to show how hot and sexy Karma is lol… really sexy posture.


Treena is now an adult and like the others, she breaks down because she didn’t grow up well, I assume.


I find red looks good on her. She is now officially the torch holder.


She’s spending time on the phone with Drake to get to know him better.


Her LTW is to reach the top of the athletic career, so she got a job in the athletic field. Her aspiration is Fortune. Her favourite hobby is also sports.



  1. This' sad. Why are you torturing Karma? Is the face surgery the only thing she's going to get in life, what little is left of it? Don't tell me she's going to die a virgin? Poor woman...can you upload her?

  2. lol I uploaded her. I can only use one free command per lifetime and I used hers earlier to get a job. Now you're making me want to cheat and make her Woohoo! lol .. It's not like I'm counting the points though, I really enjoy playing by only controlling one Sim. This way random things happen and makes it interesting for me when I play.