27 May 2009

I’m Surrounded By Idiots Chapter 1

I am doing the “I’m Surrounded By Idiots” Challenge. The Rules can be read Here. Basically, “The point of this challenge is to try to manage an entire household through several generations while only having one character under your control. Other household members must rely entirely on their artificial intelligence (or lack thereof), while their wants and needs remain forever hidden. Do you have what it takes handle all the responsibilities of a sim household from one sim's perspective? Pass along the torch of awareness and keep the family going.” … in a nutshell.

The Torch Holder I chose is Townie Corey McCullough from Strangetown, he appeared in my Black Widow Challenge. I have him cloned, so he’s starting here fresh and with a different name – Charles Allen. I also changed his skin and eyes. I couldn’t think of a name and I was watching Two and a Half Men and thought of Charlie and Alan, so I came up with that,

Charles’ aspiration is Family and his LTW is to Reach a Golden Anniversary with a spouse.


His house isn’t much, but it’s all that he could afford since he doesn’t even have a job yet. I should mention that I am playing this Challenge in Veronaville. I have never played there yet.


He starts off by learning some cooking skills. He doesn’t even have any lights yet, and his floor is still grass.


Some visitors drop by to visit him to the neighbourhood. What a weird bunch they were. He asked them to go home not long after because his main interest at the moment is to try to find a girlfriend, and none of the two held any interest to him.


Someone brought him a free computer so he took the opportunity to start chatting online. He started chatting with Sarah Phillips. She showed him a small picture of herself and he was interested to find out more about her. He asked her if they could meet in person.


Charles found her quite adorable, although she seemed a bit shy at first. He knew he wanted to see her again soon.


The next day he landed a job as a cement mixer.


He spoke on the phone with Sarah quite a bit, and finally he got courage enough to ask her out on a date. He was really pleased to see the changes she had made on herself when he saw her again. She was even more adorable.


They really hit it off and their date lasted very late that night.


He asked her out on a date again, and again. They were both crazy for each other.


When he asked her to marry him, she said yes and they were married that same day.


She moved in with $15 thousand dollars which went mostly on the house, inside and out.


She obviously has a job, although I have no clue as to what.


Charles job is going well. He’s already had a promotion.


Soon they found out that Sarah was pregnant. Charles was so happy to be starting a family with the woman he loved.


Sarah kept falling asleep in her food. She’d eat a few bites, then fall asleep. Charles was really concerned.


It was a very hard pregnancy. Charles tried his best to help her in any way he could.


Finally baby girl Serena came along.


Charles hired a Nanny, hoping that it would help Sarah to get back on her feet.


Things were starting to get back to normal again, but then Sarah announced that she was pregnant again. Charles celebrated by making his special spaghetti.


Unfortunately Sarah woke up in the middle of the night and had a miscarriage. [I didn’t even know this was possible in the game.]


She went into a depression after loosing the baby. She’d cry constantly.


Charles tried to console and encourage her the best he could.


Baby Serena is growing fast. She looks a lot like her daddy. [Probably the cutest toddler I’ve had in the game.]


Sarah found out she is pregnant again. She is trying to take care of herself, but Nanny Sharlene isn’t helping her at all.


She is constantly picking on Sarah and making her cry. Why is she so mean to her?


That afternoon Sarah has another miscarriage. [The chef shown is because Sarah was cooking. I love Freetime, but I hate the fact that someone shows up each time you show interest in something!]


When Charles came home that day he fired Nanny Sharlene. He couldn’t have one more day go by with how bad she was treating Sarah. It probably contributed to her miscarriage.


He then hired Nanny Heidi. He hoped this one would be a lot better.


Sarah returns to work again and her spirit seems to go a lot better. Maybe she’s a fortune aspiration.


On his spare time, Charles likes to paint. He starts on a painting of Sarah while she is resting on the couch.


Charles didn’t want to put Sarah through another pregnancy, but she insisted that she wanted to try it one last time.


By this time, Serena is already a child. She’s in very good spirits and every night Charles helps her with her homework.


Things are looking good for this pregnancy.


Charles was looking through the telescope late one night when a UFO grabbed hold of him. It was around 1:30 am when he was snatched.


Sarah was cooking when she suddenly had another miscarriage.


Charles wasn’t around to help her and she was crying uncontrollably and forgot about the food on the stove. It eventually caught fire.


Fortunately they had a fire alarm and the firemen came quickly to extinguish the fire.


Serena was awaken by the fire, but she wasn’t scared. She only wanted her daddy to come back home.



  1. Wow, I've never seen a sim have so many miscarriages. Maybe it's because she has to care for herself, w/o any "push", but it's still pretty bad - three, right?

    There a hack at MATY (i think it's MATY), that'll stop those iconic sims, or whatever they're called.

  2. Her aspiration level must have been too low. Yeah, three, then I felt bad and stopped trying.
    I looked on maty's site, but I didn't find it yet. They are really annoying, they show up way too often.

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM ADT

    Lovethis! I'm gonna try this challenge with the Sims 3 to see how far I can get! :-)

  4. If you have inteenimater and don't have the bonus or w/e pack installed your sims can have miscarriages, well, that I read xP. So, maybe thats why she had all those miscarriages?

  5. I think she had miscarriages because her aspiration was in the red, and her motive/need was all so low. When those weren't as low she got trhough a pregnancy fine.

  6. Two and a Half Men rules:)

  7. Sarah looks like Michelle Pffier. (sp?) and their first kid is gorgeous!

  8. I have the flavor packs for Freetime Inteenimater, and I've had one Sim who just seems to get the worst of the luck! Her husband has a daughter from a previous marriage who got pregnant while still a teen (and married and moved out shortly afterwards) but poor Patricia (nee Wan from Riverblossom) just can't seem to keep them kids. She's had at least three losses.

    It helps if you wait a little bit and try again. I gave her four days before trying once more. (Then she had a boy!)

    1. I really loved doing this challenge. It was full of surprises!