15 May 2009

Black Widow Challenge Update on Kids

Here are what the remaining kids at home grew up to look like up until they were teenagers.

Here is Syn as teenager.


Cordell as a teenager.


Syn and Cordell together, sideways.


Jesmin as a child and a teenager.

snapshot_170a701e_f718d14b snapshot_170a701e_9718d15e

snapshot_170a701e_d718d562 snapshot_170a701e_f718d58c

Treasure as a toddler, child and teenager.

snapshot_170a701e_b718d2d5 snapshot_170a701e_b718d5f1 snapshot_170a701e_b718d5fe

snapshot_170a701e_3718da07 snapshot_170a701e_5718da81

Jesmin and Treasure still live at home with their mother and the ghosts.


I am in the process of making another Widow Challenge with one of her sons. I know black widows are females, but I still am going to make it the opposite this time.

I might change the son's skin, because all her kids got her skin and I am not too crazy about the shine in it. And maybe add custom eyes if I can figure out how.

Son of a Black Widow starts here.


  1. hey, I read all your stories and just wanted to say I love this series! Great CC too :]

  2. Hi Kay, and thanks. All the CC are not done by me. There are a lot of very creative people out here. I usually only download hair, clothes, makeup etc, and very rarely furniture because I don't want to slow down my game too much. :o)

  3. Anonymous7:19 PM AST

    i know i used to download furniture but only kept a kitchen one that i LOVE because my sims glitched when using the furniture. ;P
    Loved the series btw. I laughed so much. I'm thinking of doing this challenge whenever my computer gets fixed, >_> which is hell atm cause i REALLY wanna do this challenge.
    i also want to do the legacy challenge but I am afraid i wouldnt finish it due to lazyness etc o-o

  4. This was my favorite challenge to do. I am not good at the legacy challenge. I never finish them because it takes way too long. heheh