13 June 2009

I’m Surrounded By Idiots Chapter 11

Travis is now a toddler. I am still not sure who he looks more like.


Karma enjoys helping with the baby and Travis adores his great aunt.


Stephen is uncomfortable enough that Jabelle is walking around in her underwear, but then Karma starts to bathe naked in the kitchen. He’s not sure whether to feel lucky or run away.


Treena and Drake still spend a lot of time shooting hoops together. Treena has had a few promotions from work already.


Jabelle often relaxes in her bedroom with her father while they discuss things. That evening they talked about how much they missed Serena.


There hadn’t been a fire in a while, but then Jabelle managed to catch a fire in the microwave.


Treena decides to use the grill and cooks hot dogs. Her mother didn’t like to cook fatty food, but she likes them once in a while, and besides she works out a lot so she burns up those calories fast.


Sheldon and Karma are having a blast together. They are so much in love.


Whenever Sheldon drops by they are always doing something together, either playing catch or hugging and kissing.


That night Karma kissed him then went to bed. Sheldon followed her and stood besides her bed while she slept.


Karma woke up and went to kiss him! [I didn’t make her wake up! I found that so sweet that I decided to cheat and make her go relax in the double bed with him. I think they need to Woohoo!]


They cuddle in bed together. Sheldon tells her he couldn’t leave because he missed her too much whenever she wasn’t around.


“You’re neck is going to hurt tomorrow.” Karma remarked. Then they Woohooed!


It was so sweet, then they cuddled and slept together.


The next day Sheldon came by again to spend some time with Karma.


Then all of a sudden Death showed up. It was Karma’s time. Karma doesn’t realize that he’s there for her. Karma turned 71 that day.


When she realizes it she freaks out. She doesn’t want to leave. This broke my heart because I came to like having Karma. She made me laugh in the things she did and she was so charismatic.


Everyone stood around crying that Karma was gone from them. Everyone truly loved her.


Here lies Charles, Sarah, and their two daughters, Serena and Karma.


On a lighter note, Travis grows into a child. He looks more like his mother. Treena doesn’t think she will have another child.


Karma now has her own Blog. She lives on. Karma: Beautiful Soul


  1. What the hell, again!? Have you noticed a pattern? Your sims get taken away when something good finally happens to them. Of course, Karma would be surprised that the reaper came for her, she was finally happy!

  2. I was really sad to see Karma go. I am glad that I cloned her because I made a new neighborhood and moved her in there. I am going to start a Legacy with her, as weird as that may sound, hehe.

  3. I started a blog just for her. I am going to try my hand on making it more into a story, rather than a quick "this is what happened". Here is the link if you want to check it out. I would appreciate it.