05 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge – Chapter 2

Taking where we left off, Ivory’s first lover, Johnson Pai, has just passed away.


Late one night, her new lover, Albhijeet Cho, sneaked at Ivory’s house and left her a huge gift - A stereo costing over a thousand dollars.


Taking care of twins alone wasn’t always easy. Especially with Nelson, he was such a fussy baby.


Albhijeet finally moved in and helped with the twins. He’s a drive through clerk making $168 and he moved in with NO money. As for Johnson, she told Albhijeet that he had left her and moved away. Abandoning her and his two sons.


She has a secret room in the basement where she has put the late Johnson’s urn. [However I will have to build a small cemetery because no ghost has appeared yet and I’m thinking it’s because it’s in the basement, although it’s not locked. And the challenge calls for letting the ghosts roam free.]


She took a few thousand dollars from her funds and built a small extension to the house.


Ivory is pregnant again. It’s really a full time job taking care of twins and being pregnant at the same time. Nelson continues to keep her up at all hours of the night. She feeds him and plays with him, yet he continues crying.


She decided to bath him although he wasn’t dirty, hoping it would calm him down.


The house is constantly a mess! They can’t even afford a maid.


Ivory doesn’t really care about the mess. She just tries to take care of herself the best way she can.


Albhijeet helps out a lot and when it’s time to sleep he keeps having nightmares. He takes no real time taking care of himself.


Nickson and Nelson are finally toddlers. Here is Nickson with a little hat on.


And here is Nelson, the little devil, with a cap. I looked at his traits and he has no points on Nice, just like his mother. No wonder he was such a fussy baby. [They actually grew up with those hats/caps, and I decided to leave them.]


Although Ivory is pregnant, this doesn’t stop her from meeting new men. She met Quinten McAuley. [I had to give him surgery. This is the best I could do with what he had. I didn’t want to totally change his looks. I just wanted to make it less freaky.]


Quinten often rubs her belly. He finds pregnant women so appealing. They have two lightning bolts of attractions, so again, it was quite easy to make them really close friends fast.


Uh-Oh, Albhijeet walked in on Ivory cuddling in bed with Quinten.


And there’s the slaps. How dare she cuddle with a man while carrying his child! He seems to forget that he did the same thing with Ivory when she was with Johnson?


Ivory bought a new toy. One that promised to energize. However she didn’t tell Albhijeet that his aspiration had to be high in order to use it.


Albhijeet’s motives were all so down that he started seeing things. He tried to ignore it, but that bunny kept following him around.


Ivory gave birth to a new son. She named him Albert. Sort of short for Albhijeet.


“Make that bunny go away!!” Albhijeet couldn’t handle all the stress anymore. Ivory just laughed and said there was no such thing as a bunny around.


That night, while Albhijeet was tending to baby Albert, the ghost of Johnson appeared and scared him to death!


It was quite sad. Albhijeet laid dead on the floor next to his infant child.


Ivory was still sleeping as all this occurred. She didn’t even hear as Nelson cried his little lungs out in the middle of the night.



+107 – From Chapter 1

+50 – Affair ended in death.

+30 – One Clear/No Color ghost appeared.

+50 – Partner died by ghost.

+30 – Kid has different father.

+5 – Caught cheating.

+10 – For grave

+2 – Slapped

Total: 254 Points


  1. Noooo...I can't believe he died right next to his child, that's about one of the worse ways to die.

    By the way, I love your photo edits (the chapter promo) - mind putting up a mini tutorial?

  2. Thanks. I use Photoshop and work with layers. I will try to do a tutorial and post it as soon as I can.

  3. Anonymous9:15 PM ADT

    so sad