25 August 2008

Make Overs - Desiderata Valley 0.1

Here are some Make Overs I've Made in the Desiderata Valley on the Sims 2. Desiderata is a new neighborhood that comes with the Freetime EP.

In these Make Overs I was using Skin Collection #2 - defaults by Enayla and the eyes were a default as well and I don't remember which ones now. Anyway, I changed my default skins because I found it was way to shiny/glowy, on the nose and cheek areas. They all seem to have pointy noses, especially the darker skin tones. I am in the process of making new Make Overs and I will post those when they are ready.

I mostly use the Make Over / Change Appearance. I rarely use the Face lift, however sometimes I use it for minor surgeries.

The Aspir Family
Victor Aspir [Husband]

Elizabeth Aspir [Wife]

Pauline Aspir [Daughter] Luis Aspir [Paternal Grandfather]
I didn't make any changes to Luis.

Natasha Una [Lives Alone. Luis Aspir's Cousin]

John Mole [Lives Alone]

The Bell Family
Issac Bell [Husband]

Hannah Bell [Wife]

Daniel Bell [Son]

Sharon Wirth [Hannah's Sister]

All the "before" icons for the Bell Family in the images were taken from Skasimlaki: A Virtual State in the Sims 2 Universe because I forgot to take before snapshots before I made the make overs.


  1. I love Victor's look. Whose skin are you using?

  2. The skin I was using at the time is from Enayla:
    Those are Default Skins.

    Here are the non-default: