07 May 2010

The Fear Challenge – Part 01

I decided to try this challenge called “The Fear Challenge”. I like twisted challenges, I suppose. I will still be working on the “The Evil Twin Challenge”. I think this Challenge is going to be quite challenging. Basically it explains: “In this challenge, you are a fugitive from a mental hospital. Desparate for a place to sleep, you saw an advert of a family renting out a room in their house, and quickly moved in.
The family seemed perfect: perfect children, perfect home, no relationship problems at all. However, this perfection stirred something in the depths of your mentally damaged brain, creating an unexplainable hatred and anger, and you have made it your personal goal to destroy the lives of this 'perfect' family.”
Read the rest of the rules here. Basically the aim is to use the mentally damaged sim to fulfil as many of the other sim’s fears as possible.

Here is my “mentally damaged sim”, Spike. I know he is hot, but not only ugly people are deranged. I downloaded him at from Vera Marina at Modthesims.com. He’s Team Jacob. The only thing I changed was his eyes and his name and also added some piercings.


And now here are the couple where Spike will be moving with eventually. This is the husband, Lance. Again from Vera Marina, Willbur. I changed his eyes, hair, and added some facial hair.


His wife, Sylver. Again from Vera Marina’s Emily VanCamp. I changed her hair and eyes.


Here is their home.


Instead of creating the kids in CAS, I made her get pregnant with Lance using boolprop because I wanted the kids to have their genes. I did this three times in order to have a teenager, a child, and a toddler. For aging them I also used boolprop, so the kids were all created in less than a sim day, lol.


The first child, Rose, a teenager. I didn’t change anything. This is how she grew up. She looks a lot like her father.


Second child, Violet, the child. She definitely has her mother’s nose when looking at her sideways. Like Rose, she has their father’s blue eyes.


The third was again a girl. Opal, the toddler. She has her mother’s green eyes. The rest of her features are… strange.


This is when Spike moved in the little bachelor apartment they had for rent on their lot.


It’ only has 2 rooms. A tiny bathroom, and the other room has his bed, a couch, and a TV.


To be continued. …Goodnight.