19 April 2009

Makeovers – PleasantView

I don’t use the plastic surgery unless otherwise noted. I only give them makeovers.

Kaylynn Langerak [Maid] Before and After:

Kaylynn_Langerak's_Original_Appearance snapshot_cdae71fd_96f7c43c

Angela Pleasant’s Before and After:

205px-Angela_Pleasant snapshot_cdae71fd_d6f7ddef

Lilith Pleasant’s Before and After: I will add a better shot when I get one.

205px-Lilith_Pleasant  snapshot_cdae71fd_16f901e8

Mary-Sue Pleasant’s Before and After:

205px-Mary-Sue_Pleasant snapshot_cdae71fd_76f7b523 

Daniel Pleasant’s Before and After:

235px-User004 snapshot_cdae71fd_56f7a96a

Coral Oldies’ Before and After: [ Mary-Sue’s Pleasant’s Mother]

205px-Coral_Oldie snapshot_b6f8dd10_56f8dde6

Herb Oldie’ Before and After: [Mary Sue Pleasant’s Father]

205px-Herb_Oldie snapshot_b6f8dd10_76f8ddfd

Dirk Dreamer’s Before and After:

205px-Dirk_Dreamer snapshot_cdae71fd_96f91039

Dustin Broke’s Before and After:

205px-Dustin_Broke snapshot_cdae71fd_16f8c1de

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