10 December 2009

Serial Killer Challenge Part 1


This is the Serial Killer Challenge that I found on Mod The Sims by perihelion.

I’m not following the rules entirely. It says for my serial killer to live alone and I break that rule. But otherwise I try to follow the rules although I’m not counting points. I am doing this for fun.

Meet Red Weir. He’s a Family Aspiration, very lazy though playful. His dream has always been to have a family, but he’s never met a woman who would give him the time of day.


Here’s his little house where he loves to spend time sitting outside on the bench reading the newspaper. He started building a shed out back but hasn’t been using it for anything yet.


Red has never built walls inside his house. Everything is in the same room. He likes to have everything where he can see it.


One day while he was outside reading the paper, Barbara stopped by to have a chit chat as she often does. Barbara was a nurse and often stopped to see how he was doing. But this time she wasn’t alone. Jenny Smith was also with her. Red had never met Jenny and he was really taken by her.


He invited the both women inside for tea and he found himself liking Jenny even more. She would really listen when he talked and laughed at his silly jokes.


She was the prettiest thing he had ever seen, and here she was giving him her full attention and being so nice to him. He could tell that she liked him, too.


Before she left that day, she even gave him a hug.


That night he relaxed outside alone thinking of Jenny. He couldn’t take her out of his mind. Finally he had met someone who liked him back! He had to call her to invite her over again!


He pictured them together so lovingly….


She would adore him as much as he adore her…


They would spend long hours together enjoying each other to the fullest…


But it didn’t happen this way. He did invite Jenny over, but when she realized he wanted to get romantically involved with him, she told him no and never. He got so mad that he forced her to his bed!


She got so angry at him for having forced her. She called him names and told him she was going to call the cops. He was hurt that she was acting this way. He had to make her love him like he had dreamed.


She was trying to get away, but he told her she couldn’t. She got even more frightened of him when he locked her from the inside in his house with him.


She cried and pleaded for him to let her go. But he told her he was doing what was right for her. That she would soon see that they were meant to be together.


For weeks he watched her like a hawk day and night. Even when she slept. She couldn’t get away from him. She started feeling too tired and depressed to even try.


When she thought it couldn’t get worse – it did! She was pregnant with Red’s child!


When it came time for the baby to be born, she begged and pleaded for him to take her to the hospital. But he wouldn’t take that chance of her getting away. He helped her have the baby at home.


Baby Samuel was born. Red never thought he could be this happy. He finally had a family. He acted as though he didn't hear Jenny as she hissed at Red telling him how much she hated him.


Red was happy with his little family. He didn’t seem to notice or care anymore at how much hate Jenny had for him.


Red continued to sit outside once in awhile as he used to do when he lived alone. He didn't want the neighbours to suspect anything had changed. He wasn’t ready for anyone to know about his new family yet.


One night Jessica Ebadi came by. She wanted to go inside the house after she heard a baby crying, coming towards the house. But Red strongly refused.


When she kept insisting he told her he wanted to show her something first. He brought her inside his shed in the backyard.


The room was empty except for lights. Once inside, he left her there and locked her in. There was no way he could take a chance of her seeing the baby and Jenny.



  1. Glad to see you back, and this series is a bit out there, so I decided not to read the rules, and go along with it. I've had the flu for three weeks, so I'm still foggy about everything. Gotta say though, I'm liking it so far.

    However, if he's keeping Jenny Smith hostage, I have to wonder, what's going on in the community. A missing woman, especially, a mother, has to have the whole place in a huge panic. Is this Jenny the real one (sorry, I'm used to clones)?

  2. It's a very weird story, lol. But it amuses me.
    I had done a bit of plastic surgery to Jenny a few months ago, but if I remember correctly I hadn't cloned her.
    There are a lot of holes in the story because I don't think things through first.