06 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge Chapter 4

Taking where we left off in the previous chapter, Quinten McAuley, Ivory’s 3rd lover, has just passed away.


Nelson, Albert, and Nickson enjoy their bedroom. They are certainly happy kids.


Ivory is, not surprisingly, pregnant again. She hasn’t told Joe Graham yet. And here she is flirting with a new lover already, Cooper Olshfsk.


Ah, quite a change to be with a man her age again. She got close to Cooper in the past by calling him often on the phone, so it was easy to get him in bed.


Joe walked in while they were woohooing. “You can stop hiding, I know you’re under there!”


“Why are you standing there? Do you want to join us?”


Turned out to be a show for all. Nickson also walked in the room, then the maid came in to make the bed.


“Mmm, that cake looks delicious! Is it my birthday?”


Just as Joe reached to get the cake, the cow plant swallowed him whole!


This Chapter was quite short because I spent so much time on the previous one.


+496 – Points from previous chapters.

+50 – Affair ended in death.

+30 – Caught cheating “Wohooing”

+10 – For new grave.

+2 – Slapped another time.

TOTAL: 588 Points


  1. I wish you'd had a better shot. I've never seen a sim being eaten by a cowplant. The closer I've gotten, was when Mary-Sue wanted to "drink" Daniel.

  2. I had my view right on it and I didn't have time to pause it. This was the first time I saw anyone get swallowed by this plant. It was done too fast. He was trying to grab the cake and the plant would tease him and hide it in it's mouth, then in a flash it swallowed him and only his grave remained. No struggle or anything.

    Actually, after Ivory's affair, he was so angry that he wanted to drink Ivory's milk, ironic or what hehehhe...